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Whitney dead stick ?

Posted By: me and the boys

Whitney dead stick ? - 12/20/19 12:58 AM

So I think I’m learning pretty good. But on Whitney how deep are ya fishing? Any specific color you like?

I had a good day but mainly up river.
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Whitney dead stick ? - 12/20/19 09:30 PM

Try from 25 to 35 feet. They could be deeper or shallower depending on the day. Look for underwater humps. A 4" or 5" chartreuse swimbait has been working; as well as big silver spoons.
Posted By: 44 Diesel

Re: Whitney dead stick ? - 12/21/19 12:59 AM

1.5 oz jig head, Pink, chartreuse,white fluke. Finding fish around the river channel in 30-50 fow. Look for the fish that are suspended from 18-30, those seem to be the most active fish.
Posted By: gborg

Re: Whitney dead stick ? - 12/22/19 03:00 PM

Big bends in the river channel will hold fish in many areas as well, especially if trees are present . Water current has washed out and created deeper holes that bigger fish use as ambush holding patterns.
Posted By: Hardline

Re: Whitney dead stick ? - 12/22/19 03:09 PM

I have been launching at Lake Whitney Marina what area of the lake do you recommend from there?
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