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Raymarine Element

Posted By: ShinerInTx

Raymarine Element - 12/04/19 03:41 AM

What do you guys think of this?


I am interested in the Mega frequency they show, quad core processor, and I also think the 3D plotting would be a nice feature. Anyone who has used one of these that can offer an opinion?

Raymarine Element compared to Helix Mega SI (G2N)? Since I can find these being offered at essentially the same price...
Posted By: Kentucky

Re: Raymarine Element - 12/04/19 04:04 AM

dang, that looks great
Posted By: FlyFX

Re: Raymarine Element - 12/05/19 04:36 AM

Impressive write up on the web site.
I would be interested in post water trial review and another real world opinion later on.
Some of the latest and greatest products turn out not so great
Posted By: fastguy�

Re: Raymarine Element - 12/08/19 05:53 PM

I have one and have used it for about 6 months, it has a great screen and does a good job of showing what is down below the boat and a decent job on side imaging.
Down side seems to be the range on side imaging and the down imaging does't seem as good as my Garmin.
A lot of the features that are shown on various menus are not available, customer service is not as good as other units I have used.

I would shop everywhere and look a lot harder at the Helix next time.
Posted By: ShinerInTx

Re: Raymarine Element - 12/10/19 03:04 AM

Thanks for the feedback. I ended up getting the Helix Gen 2 that was offered at the same price. I still want to see the 3D on the element, looked like that was a cool feature.
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