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Below PK Dam

Posted By: jackwagon

Below PK Dam - 09/29/19 03:22 PM

Went and tried below the dam at PK for striper. No luck at all. Something is not right down there. Seen several striper cruising very shallow. 2-4 feet of water and you could put a fluke right in front of them and they would go the other way. they looked very unhealthy. some come close enough that i could have net them. Also several dead fish belly up near the dam. Maybe an oxygen problem with the water?
Posted By: gborg

Re: Below PK Dam - 09/30/19 12:54 PM

Without water movement of any kind, my guess is oxygen & bait depleted water. High water temps intensify the dilemma .
Posted By: jackwagon

Re: Below PK Dam - 09/30/19 02:46 PM

There is a little water coming over but definitely not much. There is plenty of bait. You can see the gizzard shad in the shallow water as well. Had no problem getting them. Didn't have any luck using them for bait either...

Probably a combination of everything.
Posted By: River Mongrel

Re: Below PK Dam - 09/30/19 03:28 PM

i was there yesterday there was 150 cfs coming through the mudgates. saw a few fish that were in limp mode things will improve when we get some rain or cooler weather, plenty of shad in river
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: Below PK Dam - 09/30/19 03:34 PM

water might be too hot. Striper like 55 deg water and in those shallow pools they are likely not seeing that. Plus I think the flow is cut now as we have not had rain for a while. The lake is down several feet. If there is a lot of bait as one of the posters stated, they won't be easy to catch on that fluke.
Posted By: fishforken

Re: Below PK Dam - 10/29/19 03:40 AM

Now that the temperatures have cooled down, has anyone been able to catch some stripers below PK dam?
I am planning to fish it this Friday or Saturday and will give report once I get back. Plan to throw flukes and some top waters early AM.
Thanks in advance for any input.
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