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Decent Day on Eagle Mountain

Posted By: Launcher400

Decent Day on Eagle Mountain - 09/27/19 12:36 AM

Got on the lake at sunrise and tried a little topwater south of the islands, but nothing. Proceeded north to the ridges/humps by West Bay and found some fish pretty quickly in about 10-14 FOW ... but I had to sort thru a bunch of dink whites and yellows, with a solid white about every 5th fish or so on slabs and Humdingers. I wasn't keeping fish but had probably about a dozen keepers by 9:30A. Kind of weird, but a cloud layer rolled in from the east just before 10:00AM and that triggered some surfacing fish in open water ... only lasted about 10-15 minutes, with these fish being average size, still fun to catch 'em on a clear tiny torpedo topwater and light line. East wind after the clouds passed shut things down. Went back south of the islands and looked around a bit at various spots and depths, but it was pretty dead. Headed east and found a few more decent size whites a bit east of Windmill Point. Also got a 5-lb drum here as well ... that fish pulled hard ... really fun! Nice morning overall.
Posted By: Beaver liqour

Re: Decent Day on Eagle Mountain - 09/27/19 03:08 PM

Great job, I heard Eagle mountain is a very nice lake.
Posted By: Launcher400

Re: Decent Day on Eagle Mountain - 09/27/19 03:41 PM

Yes, nice lake and facilities. I use Twin Points Park ramp on S end ... $10 ... nice modern facility built by TRWD. I'm learning the lake, only been on it about 10 times, but using some intel from a friend. Lake is open, easy to run, minimal timber, a few islands ... lots of good structure for whites with flats dropping into deeper water, humps etc. Tons of boat docks if you bass fish as well ... I haven't tried that yet, but I will at some point to get my worm fishing fix.

Do you mainly fish Wylie, Ray Hubbard etc? I have a good buddy who moved to Wylie from Fort Worth, so I need to head that way and do some fishing with him and his grandson. He mainly kayak's the quieter parts of the Lake Wylie, but doesn't fish while kayaking hmmm , but he does like the lake.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Decent Day on Eagle Mountain - 09/28/19 04:21 AM

Nice post! thumb
Posted By: Duck_Jerky

Re: Decent Day on Eagle Mountain - 09/30/19 04:26 PM

Good post. We moved from east Texas to north Ft. Worth last year. I miss my E. Texas lakes, and starting to spend more time on the lakes out this way. Been on E. Mountain several times so far, but mostly hunting for crappie structure. Will start checking out the contours more this fall.
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