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Ray Roberts not too bad

Posted By: Luke57 ✝️

Ray Roberts not too bad - 09/15/19 10:32 AM

Fished Raybob Friday and Saturday first of all I couldn’t believe that there was
No wind two days in a row. We did pretty good both days all fish were at 20-30 ft some top water action but the majority of them were caught slabbing off the bottom. Lots of activity with a bass tournament but it was a great two days
Posted By: Launcher400

Re: Ray Roberts not too bad - 09/16/19 02:24 AM

Nice, sounds like fun ... glad to hear the slab bite is solid, regardless of the bass boats buzzing around
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Ray Roberts not too bad - 09/16/19 02:43 AM

Nice post. thumb
Posted By: M1919A4

Re: Ray Roberts not too bad - 09/17/19 06:17 PM

Got out on Ray this morning as the sun was rising, hardly any wind. We even noticed a slight chill coming off the banks of IDB Park. Found them right at 20 FOW as we scouted with eyes, ears, and sonar. Caught probably 5-10 bouncing CC spoons off the bottom, then they moved out further to around 25 fow, got some more. Fair to good surfacing with no birds (where did they go?) but it was over a little too soon and guess what that slight chill left and so did we. Thanks to Luke57 for the help finding them! Spot on I hope they hang around and get fat for winter. Not a lot of keepers but we don't keep any under about 12", not really any meat at 10" so we let them grow up a little more.
Posted By: AllenTX80

Re: Ray Roberts not too bad - 10/07/19 03:24 PM

Will be going out to RR on Wednesday anyone know if the fish are still biteing?
Posted By: Luke57 ✝️

Re: Ray Roberts not too bad - 10/07/19 03:42 PM

Welcome to the TFF Allen sent you a PM
Posted By: Scdogman

Re: Ray Roberts not too bad - 10/10/19 01:42 AM


Any luck? Camping with 20 kids there this weekend.
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