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Cedar Creek Guide Report

Posted By: Laner

Cedar Creek Guide Report - 09/06/19 03:52 PM

I ended up sandbass fishing by default yesterday, as Mr. and Mrs. Kent got their limit of crappie by lunch time, and had a full day trip booked. They wanted to brave the heat and learn some new spots, which I was more than happy to help with. Here's how we got 'em:

Water Temp: 92
Wind: 2-3mph from the NNE
Water clarity: very lightly stained
Rod and Reel: Medium action bass rods, Abu Black Max Reels spooled with 80lb braid
Tackle: White Hell Bender with a 3/8 ounce bell sinker on front, #13 Pet Spoon with yellow tail, 50lb hi-vis mono leader attaching the Hell Bender to the Pet Spoon
Best Depth: 12-15ft

Fishing for whites and hybrids can get a little tricky when the lake turns to glass, as the fish don't like to sit still in those conditions. When this happens, I like to troll in order to cover more water and keep up with roaming fish that don't have any dominant current to keep themselves oriented. I started off by scanning some main lake humps on the south end, as well as the Key Ranch area. Although there were some fish hanging around, I wasn't seeing the schools of thousands that CC is very well known for.

I moved northeast up the lake, focusing on the Iron Wall area. Although the hump there only comes up to 20-22ft, this area serves me well in the middle of the day, and yesterday was no exception. The sandies were all suspended in 12-17ft, and were more than willing to eat. We made probably 10 passes, pulling 18-20 keepers, before the schools left and the little bit of wind we had completely disappeared.

After those fish vacated, I headed further north to the Spillway Hump, focusing on the shallow northeast edges of it. There we found schools that were 100 yards long, by 5-10 yards wide. We caught doubles on almost every pass through this area, with most of the fish being in 12-14ft. All said and done, the Kent folks kept about thirty sandies, fifty crappie and a half dozen blue cats.

The human body can stand almost any weather conditions if the fish are biting smile With that being said, since starting my career in 2010, I've come to the conclusion that fall is easily my favorite time of year on CC for a reason: both the fishing and the weather get absolutely phenomenal. I'll run trips until mid November, then it's off to the woods to guide for deer, ducks and hogs. If you know anyone who needs a little assistance in filling the freezer, I'm happy to help www.ftworthfishing.com

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Good luck and tight lines TFF!
Posted By: gander

Re: Cedar Creek Guide Report - 09/06/19 05:13 PM

Thanks for the report your posts are always informative thumb
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Cedar Creek Guide Report - 09/07/19 04:00 AM

Nice post and fish. Good job. cheers
Posted By: pop r

Re: Cedar Creek Guide Report - 09/08/19 10:03 PM

cheers Well done Laner.
Posted By: Ledeez

Re: Cedar Creek Guide Report - 09/08/19 10:49 PM

Nice slabs! thumb
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