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Texoma is amazing

Posted By: chrisc/striper express guide service

Texoma is amazing - 08/27/19 08:29 PM

In my 25 years of guiding I would have to say overall the summer has been above par. Some of the over 20 inch fish are thin but I have seen it many times before. Few months back Shad were scarce and now they are everywhere. Mother Nature always finds a way to fix things and both Texas and Oklahoma biologists are active in the monitoring of the lakes species.I always try to live in the positive instead of the negative and Texoma is just one heck of a fishery. I have noticed though that negative posts sure get a lot more views and just a lot more action than positive fish reports.its does bother me a little but It’s because of all of the crazy people and friends I have met on here that I keep posting.
Lake is full “also amazing we went over three weeks without a drop of rain” and is in good shape water temps 83-85 and the turnover is very close I’ve been smelling hints of it for a couple weeks now. The fish are moving so fast but there is some top water schooling action and when you’re on out it sure is a lot of fun. On most days they prefer a top water bait over a swim bait so lots of “be careful “ lol_2
Fall is right around the corner and while lots are thinking about hunting there is some of the best fishing of the year. Doves and deer lower the lake traffic and that is always a plus. If you would like to book a trip with us at striper express you can call 903-786-4477 or go to www.striperexpress.com. Check out www.sixgillfishing.com great gear at prices that won’t break the bank. [Linked Image]
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what are you thinking little sandie

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Been seeing some chunky bass hitting plugs as well. Lots of fun with those black bass get to jumping...people always love it.
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Posted By: scubaarchery

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/27/19 09:34 PM

Nice fish, congratulations! Texoma is my new favorite lake!
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/28/19 01:20 PM

Nice post and great pics, buddy. And very glad to hear mother nature has been very kind to buddies up north thumb

But hey you trying to be negative on the negative posts?? hide2 taz bouncy

Just kidding! duel
Posted By: Coachzee

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/28/19 06:25 PM

Awesome post chris! Way to stay on top of those fish!
Posted By: pop r

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/28/19 10:33 PM

cheers Awesome post!
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/29/19 03:35 AM

Solid post and solid fish. Good job. thumb
Posted By: Chris Richardson

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/30/19 04:02 PM

Great Fishery. Great Service. Keep on keepin on!
Posted By: FishBeeLowMe

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/30/19 04:46 PM

See you in November with the BoyerBoys! Texoma will be fantastic with shallow water top-water plugs All of September, then it's Bocktober Madness pick your favorite lure, then byby DeerHunters November and the Lake to yourself! Fish with Chris Carey, u will like it!
Posted By: gborg

Re: Texoma is amazing - 08/31/19 02:21 PM

Life is good for people like Chris . Positive mental attitude goes a long way in todays YOLO mentality.
Good post !
Posted By: Dan90210 ☮

Re: Texoma is amazing - 09/02/19 01:45 AM

Looks great mate!
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