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Lake Arrowhead

Posted By: TexasTechsan

Lake Arrowhead - 08/14/19 12:04 AM

I’m heading to Lake Arrowhead tomorrow morning and I was curious how the fish have been biting. I did well there last year but this will be the first time this year I’ve been able to fish there. I plan to target sandbass and crappie. Can anyone give an update on how Arrowhead has been fishing recently?

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: JSouther

Re: Lake Arrowhead - 08/14/19 12:36 AM

I went about three weeks ago and didn’t do to well.. Water was still really muddy. I have a cabin there and crappie usually decent around Henrietta bridge or the bridge at Miller shores. I tried both and nothing so just hopped around several derricks and caught a few sandies. It got to hot so went back and fished off my dock with shad and snagged a few decent blues.
Posted By: TexasTechsan

Re: Lake Arrowhead - 08/15/19 02:26 PM

Thanks JSouther. I didn't see your post until we got back from the lake. Your report was spot on. Its really tough right now. Hopefully it gets better in tge coming weeks.
Posted By: JSouther

Re: Lake Arrowhead - 08/18/19 07:23 PM

Was just on tpwd site and looks like they put some brush piles out by state park. The map is on their site. I don’t know how long ago this was done but worth a shot.
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