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Grapevine today.

Posted By: steve_twice

Grapevine today. - 07/08/19 01:24 AM

Used the high water ramp at Murrell. They are counting boats in and out at the gate so we got lucky there were a couple of spots open. Hit the water about 4:30 and the west arm of Twin Coves was loaded with white bass. They'd surface for 10-15 seconds, go down, and pop up 100 yards away. Unfortunately most were in the 8-9 inch range but we had fun chasing them for a while. Ran most of the lake and that was the only topwater action we saw.
Posted By: Old Birdeye

Re: Grapevine today. - 07/09/19 12:46 AM

I was out there Saturday am and the fish didn't start schooling until around 8:30. I caught a bunch of unders and about 10-15 keepers. I went back this morning and caught one fish. It seems from the posts on here that all the lakes in North Texas are very hit and miss this summer.
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