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Hamm Creek Brazos conditions

Posted By: csmithag95

Hamm Creek Brazos conditions - 05/25/19 02:17 AM

Thinking of taking the kids out to the river. Usually go in summer when there are nice beaches and calm water. Has all of the rain messed that up around Hamm Creek area?
Posted By: proline19_

Re: Hamm Creek Brazos conditions - 05/25/19 02:24 AM

Yes it has, the river is high. see web site
Posted By: Bob Browne

Re: Hamm Creek Brazos conditions - 05/25/19 01:32 PM

As of Saturday morning, Whitney is 16.15 feet high. It wil be at least 16 more days if there are no flooding rains for the elevation level to get down to elevation 533. They are currently dropping the lake 9" per day. See http://www.swf-wc.usace.army.mil/cgi-bin/rcshtml.pl?page=Reports&report=fish.
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