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Back Home in Texas

Posted By: Vogey

Back Home in Texas - 07/07/21 04:48 PM

Finally getting caught up with stuff after a week long family reunion trip to Indiana. No Bluegill report here, but thought I would share a few pics from trip. Weather was nice, but got tired of listening to all the complaining when it got in the high 80s. Last day it was 57 degrees when I got up...definitely sweater weather for this Texan. We stayed at the Potowamanie Inn in Pokagon State Park. The area is rich in Native American culture.
Many hiking trails in the forest areas. I got caught in a rainstorm 2 miles out...camera totaled, but saved the memory card.
[Linked Image]
Every morning around 7 am a pair of sandhill cranes would come up to feed on ear corn they put out. Stay still & they get pretty close.
[Linked Image]
One of the lakes on a nature trail...wished I had my ultra light & a Gulp Alive...
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I had never heard of a "Toboggan run" before...a snowy northern wintertime event for sledding.
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Looking back at the Inn from the end of the Togoggan track.
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The last night the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra performed a "Stars & Stripes" concert...cool to see the boats line up for the event.
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Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/07/21 07:06 PM

coolphotos Great pictures.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/07/21 07:21 PM

coolphotos Awesome post. Looks like you had a very good trip!

Side Note: Yes Sir I am surprised you did not fish that spot on the nature trail. I would have found the closest Walmart and bought an $9.99 combo along with a carton of worms. That spot looked MIGHTY FINE ! hooked
Posted By: YEE_YEE

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/07/21 08:12 PM

Posted By: Pot licker

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/07/21 08:14 PM

Cool post and pics Vogey! Im with chuck except i'd be using the JIGLYF jigs i have in my purse. (I have an emergency kit) thumb
Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: TomRom

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/08/21 02:54 AM

Sounds like a good trip. My family has gone there several times during our winters living in Ohio to do the toboggan run. It’s really a lot of fun and draws big crowds especially on the weekends.
Posted By: Laker One

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/09/21 02:55 PM

Cool post and welcome back to texas

Side Note: Fayette is calling you! cheers
Posted By: pop r

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/09/21 07:35 PM

Nice post with some great photos. thumb
Posted By: Gitter Done

Re: Back Home in Texas - 07/10/21 02:22 PM

Great post and some great pictures. welcome back to texas Let's see some more of those Fayette Slabs.
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