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Finally got to Fayette

Posted By: BillS2006

Finally got to Fayette - 05/18/20 11:22 PM

Made it today! Everyone says it's not a crowded as it was a couple of weeks ago, but it was crowded to me. Got to meet the King Of Fayette, he was sitting just off one of his favorite spots, another boat was sitting right on top of the spot. He caught a couple while we talked, then I headed off in pursuit of a bass. Later, I returned to Vogey's spot and the other boat was leaving so I sat on it. Caught 20 to 25 bluegills and kept 14 around 6". Most were females and full of very fine eggs. Still a ways from spawning. Caught most on Gulp, a few on worms. I guess Vogey has them trained to the Gulp. Caught two bass on gulp, one about 2 pounds. It was hot today and the sun was unrelenting.

For those worried about the cast netters, they got a bigger boat......

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Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Finally got to Fayette - 05/18/20 11:51 PM

Awesome post Bill. Glad you had a good day on the water! thumb

Side Note: I usually do not fish weekends because the lakes and rivers are usually busy. nuts Today I went to three different "Out of the way places" and had either anglers or swimmers at all three places. Been fishing these spots on the week days for years and never had anyone there. Since the Corona Virus lock down everyday seems like a Saturday! bang On the bright side, I was glad to see people enjoying the outdoors. cheers
Posted By: Laker One

Re: Finally got to Fayette - 05/19/20 10:54 AM

Always a good day on the water especially when you get to meet other members of the TFF! woot Awesome post. coolio
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