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cost to bead blast

Posted By: krawlin 47

cost to bead blast - 04/14/20 10:20 PM

I have a motocross frame I would like to have bead blasted to get the nasty paint off of it....what should this cost?
Posted By: krawlin 47

Re: cost to bead blast - 04/18/20 12:17 PM

you guys are so helpful in here roflmao
Posted By: Cast

Re: cost to bead blast - 04/18/20 03:05 PM

Why bead blasted? How big is this frame? I have a large blasting cabinet with glass media that I use for removing paint among other things.
Posted By: Kevin R.

Re: cost to bead blast - 05/08/20 12:31 AM

I had my ktm frame blasted and powder coated for $125 in February.
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