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Chevy eco diesel

Posted By: needmofish

Chevy eco diesel - 03/22/20 08:27 PM

Anyone have one and their thoughts ?
Posted By: Allison1

Re: Chevy eco diesel - 03/23/20 06:37 AM


Its the 1500 Duramax diesel. I don't have one.
Posted By: ifishlbj

Re: Chevy eco diesel - 03/23/20 03:37 PM

I have driven several on dealer trades. Very quiet. Great low end torque. 27 mpg at 75 mph. Smooth running. Transmission does not search for gears constantly. So far all that I have driven are 4wd and loaded with options. Seems like GM has done their homework on this package.
Posted By: redchevy

Re: Chevy eco diesel - 03/24/20 09:30 PM

A friend of mine and his dad each bought one. They are happy so far, but haven't really owned them long enough to know much about them.
Posted By: patriot07

Re: Chevy eco diesel - 03/25/20 03:06 AM

What is the tow rating on them?
Posted By: Allison1

Re: Chevy eco diesel - 03/25/20 04:23 PM

Max tow is 7800 pounds but it might be a little lower depending on how its equiped.

There is a comparison on You Tube between this inline vs the Ram V6 Ecodiesel and the Chevy gets a little better mpg both loaded and unloaded.

Posted By: dan805

Re: Chevy eco diesel - 03/25/20 11:24 PM

I have one for a month now. I love it. Got 29- 30mpg from DFW to Rayburn. Only got 27 -28 on way back. Drives smooth, gets up and goes when you need it. When towing my boat I get about 18-21 mpg.
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