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Do Buffs eat when they spawn?

Posted By: kaboboom

Do Buffs eat when they spawn? - 05/13/20 01:27 PM

The Buffs are rolling and splashing on top in my marina. When I see that with carp, they are usually spawning and not very interested in feeding, but I managed 3 Buffs over 25 lbs in an hour slot around 9 am. This time seems to be the best...25 ft of water at 70F. No carp caught, which is not usual, but I suspect they are spawning elsewhere. Does anyone know if Buffalo eat during their spawn? I found this article: https://www.louisianasportsman.com/fishing/freshwater-fishing/yes-buffalo-are-fish/

Because the Buffs are so active right now, I also wonder whether there's a need for much pre-baiting. I am seeing that pack bait gets their interest pretty quickly, so I think I'll stop worrying about pre-baiting and focus more on pack bait and bait choices, and the time I start fishing.


Re: Do Buffs eat when they spawn? - 05/24/20 04:44 PM

theyll feed almost anytime even during spawn certain times of the year their focus on their meal might switch from sweet to fishy though.
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