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Mill CreekLake - 07/23/19 09:30 PM

Anyone been to the lake and checked it out? If so how about help?
Posted By: Curt0407

Re: Mill CreekLake - 07/23/19 09:44 PM

Years ago, I have fished it for bass. It was a tough lake to bass fish, either I could not catch them, or there were not many available. Can't help you on the carp. PM sent ref another lake you might be interested in.
Posted By: FishinGlenn

Re: Mill CreekLake - 07/31/19 04:07 PM

I have wanted to fish there, it seems like it would be good for crappie and bass.
Posted By: TXMulti-Species

Re: Mill CreekLake - 08/01/19 01:00 AM

Not a large head of Carp there but a good average size! If you end up catching more than one Carp a day you've done pretty well. I spent two and a half days there recently and only caught Bullheads. No bowfishing allowed which is a huge plus, no doubt the few fish in there will be able to grow to tremendous sizes.
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