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Amistad sunset

Posted By: tangledup3

Amistad sunset - 01/14/20 01:55 AM

Thought I would share this photo from this past spring after seeing the sunrise pic. It really seems the colors down there are more vibrant. [Linked Image]
Posted By: InTheClear

Re: Amistad sunset - 01/14/20 03:44 PM

Very nice, thanks for sharing. There are not many days down here where you get the water that smooth, been catching them pretty good on the drop shot when it is like that. Last weekend I saw some very fresh beds with nothing on them. I have a ledge that has been holding the same school of fish for 6 weeks now, fun to catch on the drop-shot.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Amistad sunset - 01/15/20 12:39 AM

Awesome picture. Thanks for sharing. thumb
Posted By: tmd11111

Re: Amistad sunset - 01/15/20 01:30 AM

Beautiful picture of the dead sea
Posted By: Laker One

Re: Amistad sunset - 01/15/20 01:01 PM

Very nice. woot
Posted By: Trickster

Re: Amistad sunset - 01/27/20 08:55 PM

Posted By: OTFF

Re: Amistad sunset - 02/05/20 04:57 PM

Posted By: Gitter Done

Re: Amistad sunset - 02/05/20 06:21 PM

Very nice.
Posted By: Bcbbs

Re: Amistad sunset - 02/21/20 01:52 PM

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