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Looking for crappie on a different lake! Fall is here!

Posted By: fishin'aholic2

Looking for crappie on a different lake! Fall is here! - 09/18/21 10:24 PM

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Re: Looking for crappie on a different lake! Fall is here! - 09/19/21 06:41 PM

keep in mind, just because the calendar says fall is almost here, doesnt mean the fish know it. The shad wont go shallow until the water cools down alot more. shad are very sensitive to temps and light. . just a few degrees can make them move. I will keep fishing the summer pattern until water temp falls. Once the water temp falls I will look for shad in the back of windblown creeks, and windblown banklines. The plankton and daphnia will be in these areas and the shad follow.
Many believe there is also a fall spawn, I believe there are at least 2 shad spawns a year, likely more, because look at how many different sizes of shad we see throughout the year.
Before the fish go shallow, there will be a transition period come and it will get tough . Fish will scatter around the lake, and so will the baitfish. this may happen with the mild upcoming cool front., If it gets hot again, fish will go back to a late summer location, 12 to 16 feet on most lakes. water temp on lake I fish is still 92 degrees. . you want to look shallow at around 70 degree water temp. Crappie may stay on the late summer pattern all the way thru october. if october is a hot month they will stay deeper . Alot of times this turns the situation into a nightime bite, and its very tough daytime fishing. with the baitfish being large, the crappie wont feed as much in daytime. when nightime hours become longer than daytime hours, is usually a time when things begin to shift. The water has more time to cool down then the sun has to heat it up. this is when I recognize the fall season as far a fishing is concerned.
The fall mentality seems to be the same as spring mentality, but its not how it works. The concept of time is of HUMAN constuct. not natures.
soon shad will start schooling in medium sized schools, roaming around the entire lake, and rise in the water column as the water cools and the sunlight brightness decreases. . when nightime temps stay cold enough , long enough, the transition will begin., The cooler it gets the larger the schools will get. shad are hanging in very small schools right now, and are scattered around lakes, mostly near the bottom in shady places like bridges, near stumps and trees. Because the shad are large, crappie dont need to feed as often. they are finicky right now. I would pick off the aggressive fish at each spot then move.
Yesterday I watched fish that were holding very tight to brush, swim out and look at my bait, then swim back into the pile. I saw some come out, bite the bait, but not eat it, then return into the pile. if we harrassed them enough we could get as few to eat the jig. it was just a few fish per location. That is the pattern. The fish dictate the pattern not the fisherman or the calender.
I think its going to be at least 3 weeks before we see the fish go shallow on brush and begin thier feast up for winter. JMO
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Re: Looking for crappie on a different lake! Fall is here! - 09/19/21 08:46 PM

good stuff,.. thumb
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Re: Looking for crappie on a different lake! Fall is here! - 09/19/21 09:37 PM

Leanin, I hear ya for sure. I believe you are further south correct? The water here is 78 as of last trip and the fish are shallow and feeding once found. It just goes to show how different things can be across the state
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