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Bug eyed blind crappie

Posted By: JSouther

Bug eyed blind crappie - 04/27/21 03:08 AM

On the way to my honey hole I saw a huge crappie swimming several inchs below the surface. He swam right beside the boat and had the biggest eyes bugged out of his head. Looked like a snapper pulled out of 200ft of water. Weirdest thing I have ever seen. I put my jig right in his face and nothing. He wasn’t spooked and slowly swam by the boat. Either he was sick with something or blind. Has anyone seen this before? I should have taken a pic but didn’t think about it. I think he cursed me cause I didn’t catch to many today.
Posted By: Shady15

Re: Bug eyed blind crappie - 04/27/21 11:44 AM

Do you think she was pulled up from deep water? I wouldn’t think they would be deep yet, but they always seem to be doing something I didn’t expect.
Posted By: GarySHO

Re: Bug eyed blind crappie - 04/27/21 01:02 PM

Probably got hit by a big bass or something similar. Might have ventured too close to bed or fry.
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