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livescope Question

Posted By: bdotson

livescope Question - 03/19/21 01:55 AM

So I have a livescope 2 years old used to crappie fish. At times I can get a really good image. Sometimes not so good? settings? I have tried many changes still just so so not great image.I am using the 93svplus I have never upgraded from the time I got it 2 years ago. Would that help? I dont use the perspective view.Next question would it be worth it to upgrade to a 10 or 12 inch monitor?would more pixel help.
Posted By: Slewfoot

Re: livescope Question - 03/19/21 02:19 AM

There’s times of the year the picture just isn’t great or there’s a big blind spot. With all the pollen and stuff in the water right now my pics not very good either.
Posted By: bdotson

Re: livescope Question - 03/19/21 02:23 AM

Do you think the upgrades will help or hurt
Posted By: RODS454

Re: livescope Question - 03/19/21 11:24 AM

Originally Posted by bdotson
Do you think the upgrades will help or hurt

It didn’t help mine! I would like to go back to previous version. The update put overlay buttons on the bottom of the screen that can not be hidden. On the 93sv it takes up to much of the screen. On the larger screens that is not an issue. If they would make a setting to toggle them off it would help. Pretty sure they won’t do that now that it is pretty much obsolete.
Posted By: bdotson

Re: livescope Question - 03/19/21 03:52 PM

good information thank you
Posted By: Asleep At The Reel

Re: livescope Question - 03/19/21 04:56 PM

One thing about Livescpope is that the picture will never be the same. When I fish 20 ft of water I seem to have the best picture, go down to 60 ft of water it is different because I have to boost gain up to see better then fish are different size on the screen. Right now I am fishing 10 ft of water which is dirty, muddy and full of pollen. The thing is that you are ALWAYS having to change settings. Every time I fish I have to change. Will the 10 or 12 inch be better, well, yes, but if you are not happy with it now, will that change once you get something new? Not being sarcastic, just asking the question. Will you get a better image with a 10 inch vs a 9 inch, I would say yes. I see much better on my 1022 than I do on friends 93sv. I personally am thinking about a 12 inch just because I wear glasses and my eyes are getting old. ha ha. I am going to throw a link in here, this is not to promote my channel, but rather to look at some settings that you might not have messed with. Can't hurt to watch it. When I say I change settings often I mean that. I am constantly zooming out to search for my next stump or brush, changing gain and changing depth to get the best pic. Part of that is I am trying to get the best image for youtube, but the other part is that I am trying to get the best image for me to see and to see what is going on. Check this video out, it might help you and I am sorry that I did not give answers as much as I gave you things to think about. ha ha. Good luck and feel free to ask questions.

Posted By: DJB

Re: livescope Question - 03/22/21 06:56 PM

Do any of you run more than 12v to your units and did it help the picture?
Posted By: Crappie Husband

Re: livescope Question - 03/22/21 07:03 PM

I run 14.8 and can't tell a noticeable difference.
Posted By: DJB

Re: livescope Question - 03/22/21 09:05 PM

Thanks CH.
Posted By: DJB

Re: livescope Question - 03/22/21 09:07 PM

I've seen several utubers running 20v and some say the picture is better.,some no.
Posted By: gborg

Re: livescope Question - 03/23/21 01:30 PM

Very informative basic livescope intel especially for us new to livescope. Thank you for taking the time, your time to explain said material .
Posted By: riverwolf

Re: livescope Question - 03/23/21 03:02 PM

its cheating de
Posted By: RiverBanks

Re: livescope Question - 03/27/21 04:21 AM

I switched from the 93 sv to the Ultra 126 last year. I found the change to the larger screen worthwhile. But I'm 78 and my eyes are not as good as they once were. There is a huge difference in price so I'm not sure it would worthwhile for someone younger with good eyes,
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