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Jenko Kevin Rodgers first test

Posted By: rickt300

Jenko Kevin Rodgers first test - 03/04/21 11:48 PM

Well I been sniveling around a bit over my knee but I decided to go test out the 10 footer I got from Gonzz yesterday. Well it just might be a lucky rod. The jig I decided to use was a blue curly tail with a chartreuse tail dipped in a goo made from crappie nibbles. First toss a 6 pound bass inhales the jig. I was able immediately to pull it away from the tree it was next too, it seemed sluggish and rolled on the surface with it's mouth open spitting the jig out. Still a nice start. I caught two small male crappie on the same jig and went squirrel hunting. Got three squirrels and decided to call it a day. The rod has backbone, is not overly wiggly and survived it's first day of Texas creek fishing no problem. All three fish were in water about two feet deep.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Jenko Kevin Rodgers first test - 03/05/21 02:09 AM

Posted By: Slewfoot

Re: Jenko Kevin Rodgers first test - 03/05/21 06:47 PM

They’re my go to rods! I use the 11’ and little man likes the 10’. Lightweight and plenty of backbone. A great mix IMO and I’ve used a lot of em!! thumb
Posted By: Action_Jackson

Re: Jenko Kevin Rodgers first test - 03/06/21 02:36 PM

Best crappie jigging rods on the market IMO! My go-to is the 10 footer...light weight, plenty of backbone, sensitive, and can handle 2/3lb slabs with ease! Also they dont cost an arm and leg, both are around $60 bucks or so wink wink
Posted By: Part-Timer

Re: Jenko Kevin Rodgers first test - 03/07/21 02:30 AM

Has anyone tried the 13' yet?
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