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Navarro Mills 12-7-2020

Posted By: RODS454

Navarro Mills 12-7-2020 - 12/07/20 09:26 PM

Tried out Navarro Mills again today. Got on the water about 8:00 and had a limit at 12:30. Started at a spot I had found on my first trip and it paid out 11 fish in 1.5 hours. The biggest was 1.5 lbs. That was big fish of the day. Set off looking for more structure and found four more piles. Caught fish off of all of them. I then ventured into the timber just a little bit and caught 2 fish there. I’m not real hip on fishing submerged timber. I’m pretty sure that’s where the really big fish are. I used two different rods and jigs today. The first was my regular, 8’ Wet Rooster Crappie rod with 1/4 oz jig with black and chartreuse body. Then I used a 5’ dock shooter rod with a yellow 1/8 oz jig and a silver and white stinger tail body. The silver and white was the best today. Water temp was 48 when I got there and 51 when I left. Fish were in 13-16’ of water. Anything deeper and it was sandbass city!

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Posted By: pop r

Re: Navarro Mills 12-7-2020 - 12/08/20 12:29 AM

Awesome catch Rod! cheers
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Navarro Mills 12-7-2020 - 12/08/20 02:02 AM

Nice post and solid fish. Good job. thumb
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