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Breaking in the Sniper 13!!

Posted By: Slewfoot

Breaking in the Sniper 13!! - 12/07/20 03:17 PM

Got this rod from Frank at Lakeside Lure and Tackle at the Fork PCT tourney but haven't been on the water much to use it. Had a cancellation Sat and little man got in trouble with his momma Friday morning so I set off with a buddy in his new rig to a lake he's never been on and one I haven't seen in a good while! Got on the water about 8 and while we didn't see many fish the ones we saw were good sized and hungry! I think we boated the first 5 fish we saw taking turns. I was using hand ties on 1/8 oz Limits tackle heads all day on the Sniper 13 paired with 12ln K9 Florocarbon. Haven't used it much either and the jury is still out on it. I will say it's low memory and I like that. After the first couple fish I had my rhythm down with the 13' rod and flipped everything but a big green trash fish and one crappie in the boat no problem and those Mustad hooks Steve uses held great! It weights about 1/2 or 1/3 of what most other 13' rods on the market weight and if your fishing all day that adds up quick! We fished till lunch then left in search of a Mega Burger with cheese and bacon and onion rings! I've only been to that lake a few times but I think I've ate at the cafe every trip! We probably caught 30 fish in 4 hours with out best 7 going 15.08. Big fish was a 2.51 and we had 6 over 2 pounds. We fished timber 14-16' deep and most fish we caught were 4-12' down. With spooky fish season coming up I'm glad I have that rod in the boat! Feb and March it's gonna get a workout for sure!

I have some weekday availability in Dec still and some weekend and weekday dates in January! If your looking for your PB now is the time to get em! I will primarily be on Pines till early Feb then will move back to Fork to chase the big ones. Tourney season cranks back up next month as well so that will limit my availability. I think I have a tourney ever weekend in March! Crazy!

Slew fish
Posted By: Slewfoot

Re: Breaking in the Sniper 13!! - 12/07/20 03:24 PM

Usually I type the report on the computer and add pics from the phone but it's not letting me log in!
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Drycreek3189

Re: Breaking in the Sniper 13!! - 12/08/20 12:57 AM

Good fish Slew !
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Breaking in the Sniper 13!! - 12/08/20 02:00 AM

Awesome post and fish. Good job. thumb
Posted By: JD Reynolds8348

Re: Breaking in the Sniper 13!! - 12/08/20 11:08 AM

Good report Slew!!!
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