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What size jig ??

Posted By: CrappieCoyote

What size jig ?? - 08/10/20 04:03 AM

I'm at a stand still of what is the best size jig at certain times of year?
Should sizes change based on bait size available ? Summer ?
I was told to go smaller 1/16 from 1/8 you can get more into the brush ?
But bigger jigs catch bigger fish stay with the 1/8 -2,75 inch jigs
.. feed back welcomed! Thank you
Posted By: SenkoSam

Re: What size jig ?? - 08/10/20 05:48 AM

1. Unpainted ball head jigs by far are jigs you can always count on starting in size from 1/32 - 1/8 oz.
2. Lure size can be anything from 3/4" - 3" for many fish species and fish sizes - especially pan fish and bass.
3. Line diameter should be thin to allow best lure action and casting distance. None better IMO for light jigs and small lures than 8# test braid.
4. Rod action should be light to ultralight. I prefer 6' but my partner loves his 5'6" ultralight Shakespeare.
5. Many soft plastic lures can be used under a float when used with small soft plastic lures.

examples (note the grub grip wire attached to the jigs):
[Linked Image][Linked Image][Linked Image]
[Linked Image][Linked Image][Linked Image][Linked Image][Linked Image][Linked Image][Linked Image]

Remember - light jig heads can also be used with plastic worms like the Kut Tail and my own cello tail creation.
[Linked Image][Linked Image]
[Linked Image][Linked Image]
[Linked Image][Linked Image]

There are [u thousands[/u] of different lures capable of catching fish and many species of fish using a ball head jig as seen above. My buddy refuses to fish with any other lure than a red/ chartreuse Crappie Magnet on a 1/24 oz ball head jig and keeps up with me fish for fish. Right now he's too lazy to change to braid from 8# test fluorocarbon but will if he keeps snapping off lures.

The key is to work lures slow and making hundreds of casts to many areas (hopefully from a boat). Knowing the depth your casting to is essential: where in the lake you fish is as important and the lures you cast.

There is no such thing as a season for jigs and lures. If what you use works, it works no matter.
Time of day can matter in summer. We get on the water at 7am and catch fish until it gets too hot - 1pm. Two days ago I counted 76 fish between us: 9-12" crappie, perch, nice sunfish and small bass. It's rare when we don't catch at least over 100 fish and me alone catching over 50 fish.

I wish I knew the above when I fished lakes in northern Texas in the four years I lived there. Man the fish I would have caught ! Hope at least some of it helps.
Posted By: Mckinneycrappiecatcher

Re: What size jig ?? - 08/10/20 05:25 PM

Bigger baits don’t catch bigger fish, you fish smaller right now because the Shad and other baitfish are small. You will catch plenty of fish big on 1.25” bait or smaller with a 1/16 head. It has nothing to do with getting further in to the brush pile.
Posted By: SenkoSam

Re: What size jig ?? - 08/19/20 10:02 AM

But bigger jigs catch bigger fish

I think you meant to say bigger lures catch bigger fish. Smaller lures can catch more fish because of a greater range of the sizes of fish that bite them. But larger fish in my opinion may react to larger lures better when they sense an object is invading their space whether liver or manmade. Same thing for small fish attacking lures almost as long as they are - and I'm not talking feeding behavior. In fact in my opinion fish don't feed most hours of the day and the lures they strike have just the right combination of size, action, shape and speed. Matching lures by guessing the food fish are eating is too limiting considering the range of lures that can catch fish on any given day - the above pictures a perfect example.
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