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Beginner's Question on Finding Crappie

Posted By: NewtotheSport

Beginner's Question on Finding Crappie - 05/07/20 07:38 PM

I feel like most of the people on the forum get to go out to some larger, nicer lakes to fish, I've been stuck fishing some local ponds but I was wondering if I could still catch crappie jigging under a dock at a small local pond? I know for sure that there are crappie there, have seen a couple people post pics of catches just a couple weeks ago.

I've read that in the summer as the heat comes the crappie will seek cooler water and head deep, but with a small pond like this I don't know if the "deeper" middle part would offer them that much cooler water temp. There are also clusters of cattails or bushes or something spaced out around the perimeter of the pond. I think in the end I'll just have to get out there and give it a try to know for sure, but I'm interested in hearing theories from some of you more experienced fisherman. Do you think my best bet is jigging right under the fishing pier, casting a jig towards the middle and slow rolling, walking around and jigging the vegetation on the side or something else entirely?

Just trying to improve as a fisherman so developing my theories here before I go out and test them! Tryna think like a crappie!
Posted By: Resh

Re: Beginner's Question on Finding Crappie - 05/07/20 09:26 PM

Every crappie I’ve caught in a pond has been on accident while bass fishing. How big is the pond you’re talking about? A couple acre pond crappie just kind of do whatever bluegills do. Not sure what the size threshold is before crappie start hold on docks, trees or deep brush like a lake, but I bet it’s 5-7+ acres for sure
Posted By: NewtotheSport

Re: Beginner's Question on Finding Crappie - 05/07/20 09:38 PM

I'm gonna say ~10 acres... I guess I'll just thoroughly work my way around the lake.
Posted By: MilesHunter

Re: Beginner's Question on Finding Crappie - 05/07/20 09:55 PM

I would cast a crappie jig under a float and slowly drag it back to you. That is a good way to cover water and keep your jig at the depth you want it. You can tip the jig with a minnow if you want. thumb
Posted By: TR176

Re: Beginner's Question on Finding Crappie - 05/07/20 10:15 PM

Flip 1/16 Oz jigs on 6lb line under the docks that have the most shade and deepest water, it will not take long to find out. The problem that I found with smaller lakes is that they overpopulate and become stunted.
Posted By: Spiderman

Re: Beginner's Question on Finding Crappie - 05/08/20 12:56 PM

Kayak, depth finder, find the deepest spot and add some brush there.

You can catch every Crappie in the pond once the water heats up and summer gets going. Cull the ones you don't want and bring Home a nice mess every trip. But small crappie in a pond will be a problem.
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