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Possum kingdom

Posted By: bcbeyer56

Possum kingdom - 04/30/20 12:48 AM

How has the crappie bite been and what are they doing. Any info would be greatly appreciated
Posted By: Asleep At The Reel

Re: Possum kingdom - 04/30/20 02:54 AM

Would love to know myself.
Posted By: Burbarry

Re: Possum kingdom - 04/30/20 10:31 AM

My uncle was there over the last weekend and caught his biggest crappie ever just shy of 14”. They had about 10 each he said I think that was on Friday. Saturday they tried for other species of fish with scraps from the crappie.
Posted By: gborg

Re: Possum kingdom - 04/30/20 01:39 PM

Few and far between on PK. Randy Wood has some spots that are productive, and he as I would be, tight lipped.
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: Possum kingdom - 04/30/20 03:24 PM

TPWD list PK as being poor for crappie. I fish for them all the time and catch mostly LM Bass, Big perch and other stuff. I wont tell you where I fish but deep docks tend to be the best right now. Last week I was catching crappie with eggs so everyone is not spawning yet. Some fish are spawning as I see huge schools of tiny minnows at the marina.

If you are going to go after crappie at PK using a jig and bobber, you'll need to be a lot deeper than normal if you are downlake in the clear water. If you can see the bottom so can the birds and any fish that has lived long enough to spawn knows its not long for this world if it goes into those shallows. Sharp eyed birds are always watching.
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