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Lake Belton Crappie

Posted By: donothin

Lake Belton Crappie - 04/17/20 02:19 PM

Haven't seen a post about Lake Belton crappie for a long time. Lake has gotten busy, even during the week on nice days. Water level fluctuating with each rain.
Posted By: Beltonbanger�

Re: Lake Belton Crappie - 04/17/20 05:04 PM

Hit and miss!!! Get a streak of decent weather and it is okay.....then it goes to heck in a hand basket!!! Tons of people on the lake. They are leaving the gates up at the ramps and everybody and their brother is fishing on the courtesy docks and even on the ramps. It's a mess! I felt sorry for this old boy trying to come in yesterday. The people wouldn't even move their poles. Owl creek had so many people on the ramp last week you couldn't have launched if you wanted to. I didn't launch there, but went by.
Posted By: Ken Gaby

Re: Lake Belton Crappie - 04/18/20 02:34 AM

As Banger said, it's been hit or miss since last of Feb. Water warmed up early and stayed in the mid 60s for two months. With water that warm for extended period, the fish will spawn at various depths. Been no consistent shallow pattern. I've caught from 4 to 25 past 8 wks. Gates open last few days with lake falling about 7-8" in 24 hr period. Falling water = no shallow fish. Spawn about done. Post spawn patterns starting to set up. Just need the lake to stabilize.
Posted By: donothin

Re: Lake Belton Crappie - 04/18/20 03:10 PM

Been my experience also. Was hoping someone had found the secret. Maybe the recreational boaters will get tired of the lake earlier than usual.
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