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Crappie Scoliosis?

Posted By: Wishbonez

Crappie Scoliosis? - 04/09/20 02:47 PM

I don't fish Fork a lot, but it seems like almost every time I do, I catch a crappie with a spinal abnormality. Monday I caught 14 and three of them had a severe curve in the latter third of their spine. Otherwise, they looked perfectly healthy and fat, but shorter than they should have been. Was wondering if anyone else has seen this. Genetic? Injury from youth? Just wondering. See Pic below.

Also, all fish were caught in 2' or less in the weeds and 4 of them were 2lbs. +.

Attached picture IMG_0301.JPG
Posted By: CrappieXpress

Re: Crappie Scoliosis? - 04/09/20 03:09 PM

Fork is the only place I’ve ever caught em like that.
Posted By: Davedave

Re: Crappie Scoliosis? - 04/09/20 03:11 PM

I put little back braces on them. But, they made me take them off at the last CAT tournament weigh in.
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: Crappie Scoliosis? - 04/09/20 03:17 PM

probably survived a cormorant attack. I see a lot of sandbass like that.
Posted By: bush hog

Re: Crappie Scoliosis? - 04/09/20 03:54 PM

I cleaned one just like that yesterday.
Posted By: OLD NITRO

Re: Crappie Scoliosis? - 04/09/20 06:13 PM

Catch'em like that @ Sandlin some too.
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