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Lost GPS on Motorguide Xi5

Posted By: jp24

Lost GPS on Motorguide Xi5 - 10/01/19 08:28 PM

Have had unit nearly three years. Runs on NMEA 2000, connected to Gen3-9 (bow), Gen2 Touch 9 (console), Gen 1-5 (dash), Point One.

Blue GPS light comes on when TM is dropped; immediately goes away.
Does not respond to remote commands
Lowrance units show “No Autopilot Computer"
Checked wiring inside TM; all appears OK
Checked NMEA drops; all appear fine

Got no help from Motorguide customer service rep. After describing symptoms, his lazy response was “There’s no way to know without troubleshooting” with no offer to discuss steps entailed.

Hoping someone here has ideas, since I already had to replace the damned Pinpoint module ($400+) between years one and two because the wiring pulled loose. I did upgrade recently to the Gen2 Touch at console, from a Gen2 non-touch, but that's the only config change I've made.

Posted By: ACAMS

Re: Lost GPS on Motorguide Xi5 - 10/01/19 08:36 PM

Mine does that too every once in a while .... very aggravating, I unplug my XI5 and plug it back in, and it usually starts working again, but usually the Lowrance never picks it up again, but at least the anchor works!
Posted By: UJC

Re: Lost GPS on Motorguide Xi5 - 10/02/19 07:34 PM

This POSTmay be helpful.
Posted By: fakawi

Re: Lost GPS on Motorguide Xi5 - 10/03/19 11:49 PM

Mine worked fine for 3 years also but it would display no gps computer on the screen at times. I updated my units(hds 12 gen3 and hds7 gen 2) after that it
automatically updated my xi5 now it wont work at all I called lowrance and they say they are working on it with M.G. in my case it is the Lowrance software
keep on the lookout for the next update from Lowrance. I had to unplug my T.M. from the network to get it to function properly on it's own but it will no longer work in conjunction with the chart plotter
This is pretty frustrating.
Posted By: jp24

Re: Lost GPS on Motorguide Xi5 - 10/06/19 11:32 PM

Thanks for this. I'll try unplugging it from the network.
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