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Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke

Posted By: HOGON

Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 02:56 AM

To all my fellow TFF anglers,

I had posted about my experience yesterday on Tawokini on the 2 mile Bridge thread.

I have had my eyes opened in the last 48 hours and want to relay what I have learned in hopes it might help others.

No doubt with this heat it is imperative that we need to stay hydrated no matter what we are doing.

I think we all can agree that staying hydrated is a good thing on any given day of the week.

Lot's of good tips on the 2 mile bridge thread. Pedialyte was a suggestion that we actually personally utilized today. It is better for you than Gatorade, but it also needs to be diluted with water when taken.
Dad and I split a bottle of Pedialyte today and we each drank our 32 ounce water bottles. We were off the lake by 11am.

Ken Gaby recommended a cooling towel and those will be here tomorrow ordered on Amazon last night. They will become a regular staple on our future boat outings.

Dehydration is what we all immediately suspect for any bodily issues in the heat. I know that is what I always thought.

Heat Exhaustion was something new to me yesterday and it was explained to me by my wife in great detail last night.

She is a Paramedic.

Heat Exhaustion occurs when your core body temperature is too high.
Symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness (light headed/vision issues), muscle cramps, and generally feeling sick.
You can hydrate all day long, but if the ambient temperature of your environment is too high then you are at risk. (Texas Sun and No Wind)

Heat Stroke is when Heat Exhaustion goes untreated and your organs including your brain start to fail.
You must immediately change your environment and cool your core body temperature quickly with some sort of rapid cooling.
Cooling Towels can be an aid, but if you get to the point of the heat exhaustion symptoms you need to be moving quickly and getting somewhere to cool your body down fast. Minutes count.
She said if they were called to a scene they would actually be packing your body with ice packs to cool you off. She says this needs to happen quickly.

I had never ever experienced Heat Exhaustion symptoms until yesterday and as I stated it was pretty scary stuff.
I was so thankful I had someone with me in the boat which happened to be my father. He saved me yesterday.
I could not even drive the boat. The symptoms came on very fast yesterday and with no warning.

With regards to hydration I know asleep at the reel posted that he drank 5-6 Gatorade's yesterday and my wife says do not do that either.
She says drinking straight Gatorade is not good for your body because it actually spikes your sodium, potassium, and glucose levels too high.

If you are going to drink Gatorade get the G2 which is straight Gatorade diluted 50% by water. She said get the G2 and dilute it again 50% with water.
She actually worked a call once where a guy drank 5-6 Gatorade quickly while out mowing the lawn. He was not a diabetic and it spiked his sugar so high that combined with the increased potassium and sodium levels he was thrown into DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) and he was having dangerous cardiac arrhythmia's that would have most likely ended in cardiac arrest had his wife not called 911. He had all of the same symptoms of heat exhaustion so he assumed he needed to drink water and replace electrolytes. He was wrong. He did remove himself from the heat but he caused a worse problem by drinking the straight Gatorade.

She told me I have to be careful with too much Pedialyte as well, but she said Pedialyte and G2 are still better than straight Gatorade.
She said drink water with these products.

Tonight I am lounging on the couch with my wife and the movie we were watching had just finished. I was surfing on my phone for a moment and Real sports with Bryant Gumbel came on after the movie.

Neither one of us were really watching the TV at that very moment and Bryant starts talking and the title of the episode was called Overheated.

I stopped what I was doing and started watching. The episode had to do with the Heat and athletes like Football players. They are interviewing a mother who was waiting to pick her son up from football practice in Florida at his local high school.
While she was waiting a student ran up and knocked on her window and said that her son was having issues on the practice field.
She gets out of her car and goes over to see her son on the ground with several teammates propping him up and he was vomiting. She confronts the coach.
He says, not to worry he just got a little overheated and they simply need to get some water in his body.
After a few more minutes go by it was obvious that he was getting worse not better and he started moaning. They had not even called the ambulance yet. The mother blew a gasket like she should have in my opinion.
He was rushed to the hospital where he died from a full blown heat stroke. Heat Exhaustion is what proceeds the Heat Stroke.

Then come to find out that if you actually go into a full blown Heat Stroke which is where your organs and your brain are starting to fail you have 10 minutes to reverse the course.
What do you need to reverse the course? An ice bath. They had an expert on Heat Stroke on and an ice bath costs about $150. If they had an ice bath at the football field and immediately put her son in the ice bath he would be alive today.
They have a 100% survival rate with the ice bath.

My wife stated if called to a scene they would be packing your body with ice packs, wet towels and the air conditioning would be on full blast. You need to get your body temperature down and fast.
The rest of the segment was about trying to make ice baths mandatory at the high schools across the nation. How many more deaths before they do something about it?

$150 for someones life seemed like a great investment to me, but hey what do I know right.

I just thought it was pretty wild how I actually dealt with Heat Exhaustion yesterday for the first time in my life and I had no idea what heat exhaustion even was yesterday morning.

Then tonight I see this segment on TV and my jaw hit the floor. Yesterday could have had a much different outcome for me had my Dad not been with me.

The cooling towels are going to be ready to go in our boat going forward along with two coolers full of ice.
My wife actually suggested we carry ice packs on the boat and I am going to probably throw some of those in the cooler as well.

It has been a learning experience and eye opener for me in the last 48 hours and I am simply trying to help others on the TFF here.

I appreciate all the replies on the 2 mile thread and thank you for hearing me out.

I want us all to be safe and have a great time Crappie Fishing.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 03:13 AM

Very good information to have and know! thumb
Posted By: SK.

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 03:16 AM

Very dangerous situation.....
I've also heard that once you reach that point heat will affect you a lot faster than before......
I pour ice water on my buff to keep semi cooled off and run to farther away piles than normal....
At times I'll also put a cube of ice in my gloves.....
Gotta stay safe out there....
Posted By: Gamblinman

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 07:34 AM

You can't hydrate the day of. It begins the day or days before being exposed.

Cooling towels work...just lay it around your neck. Dip in the cooler, or even lake water. Evaporative cooling works.

A wide breamed hat is a life saver.
Posted By: SeaPro21

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 09:32 AM

I have to say that the only thing anyone out there in this heat should be drinking is water. I remember supervising soldiers in the motorpool in this heat, it was mandatory and our duty as an nco to make soldiers stop every hour and drink water. The higher ups actually restricted anyone from bringing anything other than water into the motorpool which was the smartest thing they could have done. I hate the fact that so many people today feel that these so called thirst drinks out there are good for you, when in reality they do more harm than good. I personally take a cooler loaded with frozen water bottles. I put some unfrozen water bottles along with a sandwich in it and actually I toss the crappie I catch in there. I try to make sure to be off the water by 10. Point is folks DRINK WATER
Posted By: SlabCatcher

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 12:43 PM

Thanks for sounding the alarm. Really needed to read this asap and so many others. Shalom! coach
Posted By: Ocelot

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 12:52 PM

I have had heat exhaustion a couple of times and both times I had been drinking plenty of water but was out playing tennis in 100+ weather for hours.
I do believe that once it happened the first time it is easier to get again.
Be very careful out there.
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 02:17 PM

I had heat exhaustion one time, as a kid mowing lawns. I got wobbly, staggered indoors and passed out. Nobody was home, so I just stayed where I dropped till I woke up. I had no idea what had happened. In the years since, in tennis tournaments, I’ve had two lady doubles partners pass out on court and had to be taken to the emergency room. It’ll sneak up on you.

As an example of bad decisions, years ago I had a one hour tennis lesson scheduled. The outside temp in Houston that day and time was 108 degrees. I called the pro and said that I still wanted to do the lesson. So we did. I made it about 50 minutes of the hour and had to lay in the grass while a couple of guys poured ice water on me.

And, I teach tennis now, to high school kids (for free), and am out in the sun from 3pm to 5pm every week day. I drank a full gallon of water yesterday and drank more when I got home.

I just drink cold water, and not Gatorade, though I will drink a lemon-lime gatorade sometimes, because I like the flavor.
Posted By: HOGON

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 04:54 PM

My wife agrees with Ranger18 that drinking water is the way to go.

She understands those that want to drink something besides water.

She said if your going to drink Pedialyte or G2 drink 25% of those drinks to 75% part water.

Stay far away from straight Gatorade.

She said the Tonic Water which has Thiamine in it (Essentially Vitamin B12) is why some drink Tonic Water.
She stated drinking Tonic Water gets the Thiamine absorbed into your system quicker than just taking a Vitamin B12.

Like I stated this was all new to me and I'm simply trying to help educate others on what I learned.

Cooling Towel- Never Realized the importance of having some on the boat.
Heat Exhaustion? Always thought that was nothing more than Dehydration.
I thought simply drinking more water would solve my problems.

I have a lot clearer picture now of what I was actually dealing with.

Thanks for those that actually took time out of your busy day to read my post.
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 06:18 PM

wow scary stuff. I quit fishing during the day at PK in the summer. Just too dang hot and even the shade does not help much. I fish in the late evening and at night now and always bring a container of ice cold watermelon with me. I have ice water as well but nothing seems to work as well as that ice cold watermelon. If y'all fish in the heat you should consider it. It's even hot at night now, so it's either stay in the A/C or figure this problem out.
Posted By: canyoncreek06

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 06:22 PM

Guys, just be careful about drinking only water to rely on hydration. Too much water by itself can kill you just the same as drinking too much Gatorade or other sports drinks. I just don't want someone to think "Oh I'm drinking a gallon of water every hour so I know I'm staying hydrated". Look up hyponatremia if you don't believe me. Everything has to be in balance. When you throw the balance out of whack that is when it will jump up and bite you in the behind. I knew the gentleman from the attached article and he was about as fit and as fine a gentleman as they come. He even would admit that he drank more water than the normal individual. Little did he know that it would cause him his life.



Posted By: fouzman

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 06:44 PM

Glad you're ok, HOGON. I've had heat exhaustion five times. Each time worse than the last. And yes, you are more susceptible to it once you've had it. Down here in Houston, when it's hot and HUMID, you're body may not be able to cool itself properly due to lack of evaporation. No matter how much you hydrate. Only way to stop it is get out of the heat, in the A/C, mist your body, particularly the trunk and sit in front of a fan on high. Or get in ice bath. And continue to hydrate with water.

Your wife is correct that, when one gets to that point, minutes count! All water and physical exertion in the heat over a couple days can also kill you due to hyponatremia, as mentioned above.

A cardiologist friend told me the incidence of cardiac arrest due to heat stroke in the summer and hypothermia in winter goes way up. And it's totally preventable.

I hope your post helps to save someone's life one day. thumb

p.s.-in this heat, you must drink at least 8oz. of water/etc every 30 minutes.
Posted By: Hard Rain

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 07:36 PM

I am 63 and will mow this afternoon. I always wear a cap or hat and one thing I do is take breaks and drink lots of water. I have tried the store bought cooling towels not really impressed so I take a small ice chest and load it with ice and a bit of water and just throw a small towel in it it and use it to wipe on my face and drape on my shoulders seems to work really well. I drink a lot of water but also some Powerade Zero and maybe some pickle juice when done but mostly water.
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 07:45 PM

Minutes do count. One of the lady tennis partners was doing just fine until she wasn’t. She missed an overhead on match point, we lost, and I turned to kid her about missing the shot. She fainted standing up, and I caught her. We iced her down in the back of a Toyota hatchback and rushed her to the hospital.

She looked perfectly Ok until she dropped like a rock.

After tennis yesterday, I had a salt craving. So I ate a huge dill pickle. Then more water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you drink water if you are out in the heat and sweating profusely.

One thing I have found that will cool me down quickly is V8 (low salt) juice I keep in the fridge.

At the tennis courts, the kids keep popsicles and dill pickles in the fridge. And drink lots of water.

I’m late for tennis...
Posted By: TreeBass

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/22/19 08:12 PM

Great subject, and glad you're ok! thumb

I've fallen out from heat exhaustion several times over the years. I've learned to recognize when I'm getting close, or reached my limit. I drink water ALL the time, probably too much, but I love water.

Out on the water, in the yard etc..., I'll drink Gatorade cut with water, not a fan of straight Gatorade for the most part. but love the taste or hint of Gatorade.

Another thing I learned from my medics is that a 32oz of water with one of those little packets of salt a day will help as well.

This is more serious than most folks take it. I hope ya'll never have to experience it.

Be safe, and thanks for posting this up
Posted By: forsanmedic

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/23/19 01:05 AM

https://rinsekit.com/ Here is something that we carry on our boat. It fills off your water hose and keeps it fairly cool. The wife and I try to get around early and leave by 11 or so. I have lost track of time and been late. We are both from West Texas. You learn to regulate and pace yourself out in the desert. Anyways. it doesn't take up much floor space and feels good with it is sprayed on you. I've been doing the fire/medic thing for many years, and yes cut your gatorade with water. Also, please, please, understand that alcohol dehydrates you. If you are gonna drink a cold beer chase it with a water!!!
Posted By: Ken Gaby

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/23/19 02:34 AM

The cooling towels are good. A plain hand towel soaked in the ice cooler and hung over your head will feel like your temp just dropped 20 degrees. There are also wide brimmed hats that have the gel in the top that soaks up water or one that has a big sweat band inside that soaks water. Get the hat wet and put it in a zip lock in the cooler. When the sun starts to feel hot, put the hat on. when it dries out, soak again in the cooler. Also, a regular spray bottle with tap water kept in the cooler and misted on your shirt will cool you down several degrees quickly.

I had the same experience as Hogon many years ago out in the Gulf after fighting a 30 lb ling. No wind at all; Gulf was like glass and it was hot. Luckily for me, my friend was a paramedic and put a towel in the ice chest and hung it over my head and poured ice water on my shirt. Cranked up and headed to the jetties about 23 miles away. My symptoms were gone in 5 minutes as soon as the boat got moving and felt wind on that wet shirt and towel.
Posted By: SeaPro21

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/23/19 10:48 AM

Another thing I do now is always wear my long sleeve Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt with UPF 50+ Sun Protection. I bought mine at Academy Sports. You have to pay close attention to the tag to make sure it has the cooling feature. I took it one time on a super hot day and soaked it in the lake, put it back on. I swear when I took off across the Lake headed back to the ramp it got pretty cool. Absolutely love that shirt
Posted By: Mike Andrews

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/23/19 12:13 PM

I've had it once back in the late 70's when I was working the oil field. I had been sandblasting all day and in those days you had an air fed hood but it didn't have any cooling mechanism. I bent down to grab a hose to move it and everything went sideways. I stopped what I was doing and got some water down but finished the day. When I got home that night I was nauseous and had a terrible headache. I spent the next 2 days in bed basically feeling like [censored]. That was at 18 years old, I'd hate to go through it now at 60. Good advice here if everyone will follow it.
Posted By: HOGON

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/23/19 02:04 PM

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

I finally got a chance to get the pictures downloaded off my phone from the other day.

The first one is of Dad and I with the sun coming up behind us.

The next one is just with Dad.

I got a couple shots of Dad with some nice SLABS that he landed.

Then I got a picture of our Blown Hub that I found arriving back at the ramp.
We do a safety check before we ever leave the house and every time we stop en-route to the lake we always check.

This happened close to the lake and Emory luckily. Hootens Hardware got us fixed right up.

Then there is the view of the amazing sunrise I witnessed leaving Los Angeles the other day and I wanted to share it with the TFF.

Absolutely blessed to be able to lay my eyes on a view like that.

The last picture shows the outside temperature that my car was calling Tuesday the day of my Heat Exhaustion 109 degrees at 3:26pm. I had the Heat Exhaution symptoms at 10:30am.
Of course we all know it was not 109 degrees, but it sure felt like it. roflmao
Posted By: Gamblinman

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/23/19 03:04 PM

Posted By: 603Country

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/23/19 06:16 PM

HOGON, it sure looks like you and your Dad are having fun (except for the Hub).
Posted By: Flyingjoe

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/24/19 04:07 AM

What an awesome day, spending with family and catching fish. Love the view from your office window.
Posted By: gborg

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/24/19 01:31 PM

Good intel. Start at 4 AM get off by 10 for me. Even with T-Top too hot.Cold water is critical as stated above. Most of the other drinks that claim electrolyte replenish have too much sugar and actually do more harm than good.

As someone stated earlier , I am just not that mad at them anymore !!
Posted By: Rangerkev

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/24/19 01:56 PM

Pickle juice has always worked for me. If I feel any any symptoms of heat exhaustion I drink a glass. It also helps with cramps from being dehydrated.
Posted By: old76angler

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/24/19 10:58 PM

Posted By: don the angler

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/25/19 12:21 PM

HOGON, glad you are ok.
I have read the entire thread & no one mentioned the obvious if you are out in a boat. Be sure your life vest is on and simply get in the water. The water temp is about 80-85 and your body temp will be about 100. The 15 degree difference should be enough to lower your temperature.
Posted By: Sgrem

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/25/19 05:36 PM

Im a guide and i had to take a woman in recently. Had an ambulance meet me at the dock. I used my wash down and misted her in the seat in front of the console so she would get the wind cooling as well.

Personally i wesr full sun coverage shirts from Fishhide. I keep the arms wet and the neck/face gaiter wet. Helps to keep me cool. Trying to not do those doubles when its 113 degrees.... its just too hot. We leave out early and get back early.
Posted By: HOGON

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/25/19 08:14 PM

We have the sun shirts and neck gaiters as well.

Something to think about if you do decide to jump in is just like Don stated to wear your life jacket.
A gentleman jumped into I believe Lake Granbury last couple weeks and he did not have his life jacket on and he did not anchor his boat. It was windy and after he jumped in he could not swim fast enough to catch his boat. They found his body and his 3 year old Grand Daughter or Daughter was found adrift in the boat.

I just wanted to bring this subject to light because I obviously learned a lot about what I thought I knew and didn't know. Learn something new every day. I obviously learned Heat Exhaustion can happen even when you are hydrated which I had no idea.

On another note I bought a couple things that will be arriving this next week.

I had my cooling towels show up Friday.

I bought a couple of these for Dad and I to try.
They may work and they may not. I'm thinking they might actually do some good.


I also had Andy at ACC recommend getting a Cooling Vest. A cooling vest what's that? I started researching.
There are a plethora of them on the market and they all have different ways that they work and there are price ranges that can pretty much fit whatever budget you are willing to put into the vest.

Doing my research I found out that Surgeons wear them, SWAT guys, Firefighters, one of the reviewers on the vest I picked out to try was in Pest Control in Florida. He wrote up an extremely good review and he has been approached by UPS and FED EX guys working in the heat wanting to know where he got his vest. From what I gathered in reading the length of cooling is 3-4 hours and the vest I decided to try holds 3 Packs in Front and 3 in back and comes with 12 packs Total so you could keep the other 6 on ice and put them in when the first set wears out.

I figure that gives you 6-8 hours.

I can use the cooling vest for other things besides fishing so I did not mind sinking a little money into one of the higher end ones. If it works the way they describe it might be a game changer for fishing guides, guys in the oil field, etc.

The one I went with is the following:

The STA Cool Premium Industrial Vest.
Easily Adjustable to find the perfect fit.
Holds 6 cooling packs and comes with an additional 6 cooling packs.


I ordered one for Dad and one for me. They arrive later this week.

I'm sure to some it's overkill, but if it works then to me it's totally worth every penny.
It might make it where Fishing Guides could do doubles no problem. They could even get them for their clients to use.

It said there was a construction Foreman that bought the cooling vests for his entire roofing crew and their productivity went up by 30%.

They probably aren't for everyone, but I ordered a couple regardless.
The ones I ordered are on the higher end and the price reflects as such.
I viewed them as an investment and possibly a life saver in the Texas Heat.

Thanks for reading.
Posted By: Sgrem

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/25/19 08:53 PM

If you wear a cooling vest do not fail to wear a life jacket. If you fall in the water it will weigh you down....deep.
Posted By: HOGON

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/25/19 09:50 PM

I'm never on the lake without a life jacket.

One of the reasons I went with the particular cooling vest I did was because of its light weight.

I have things I can use it for besides fishing as well.

I've never even heard of them before. Decided to give it a try.
Posted By: TexExp

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/25/19 10:17 PM

Great thread - Thank you!!
Posted By: HOGON

Re: Heat Exhaustion before Heat Stroke - 08/27/19 12:38 AM

The $15.88 Neck Fans Showed Up and I must say they are pretty slick.

Probably going to be next week before I get to go fishing again and give them a try on the water.
There are so many uses for them that I can think of.

I've been walking around the house with it on trying out the different speeds. No regrets on the purchase.

You could take your cooling towel get it wet along with your hat and neck gaiter then put the fans on at the speed of your choosing and it would be just like you running across the lake. You could have a no wind day but the fans blowing on your wet neck, wet face, and wet head is going to feel really good.

I read keeping your head and face cool is very important because a lot of blood vessels run through the head and face.

The first of my two STA Cool vests showed up today. Very Lightweight the vest by itself.

I dont have time to get the power packs charged due to my work schedule until Thursday sometime and then I need to freeze them. The Charging of the Power Packs is a one time event. The packs can be used for cooling and heat.

The Vest is Made In the USA. I'll get personal pictures up on Thursday sometime for you to see for anyone interested.

The vest with the power packs in the vest is supposed to be 6-6.5 pounds distributed evenly around your body.

The charging of the packs is a one time process and it is done in the washing machine.
After they are charged it is freezer if you want cold or microwave if you want hot.

Looking forward to trying it out to see how it feels and wears.

I'll do my best to get pictures up on Thursday.
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