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Joe Pool

Posted By: LeonSulak

Joe Pool - 07/08/19 12:48 AM

Anyone been out there recently? Hows the fishing? All the ramps open?

Taking my Dad out there Thursday in hopes to find some around the bridges
Posted By: fishin'aholic2

Re: Joe Pool - 07/08/19 02:41 AM

Find some brushpiles and you will do a lot better than the bridge. I was out there a few weeks ago and the piles were loaded but they wouldn’t bite. Went to another lake and started doing a lot better.
Posted By: RiverRoad

Re: Joe Pool - 07/10/19 01:54 AM

Did Pool last week with my dad.......brushpiles have em.....very lite bite......must have shade on the boat or head to the bridge.

Caught 20 keepers and about the same unders. Minnows and Jigs
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