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When Current Starts

Posted By: BCBassCat

When Current Starts - 07/08/19 12:13 AM

Been doing really good on a handful of spots on Ray Roberts. It shut down on the 4th, I'm thinking they started releasing water. Where do they go when there's current that's not normally there.
Posted By: fishin'aholic2

Re: When Current Starts - 07/08/19 02:43 AM

They have been releasing water from Roberts for weeks and I donít think that has changed the bite. It could be you wore those spots out and now they just arenít producing. Or the depth is no longer the right one. Try some different spots and depths and you should find some active fish.
Posted By: Kyle Campbell

Re: When Current Starts - 07/08/19 01:49 PM

I donít know what it was but they definitely had lock jaw there on the 4th.
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