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A morning for me

Posted By: Buff2

A morning for me - 06/30/19 10:35 PM

Decided to take myself fishing today. Nice breeze out of the south made setting under my umbrella mighty comfortable.
I found fish everywhere I stopped and caught about 50 in 4 hours. Kept 25.
All fish caught on standing timber in 30ish foot of water. Half on grey 1/8 oz jigs and half on purple and red 3/8 oz.

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Posted By: JIM SR.

Re: A morning for me - 06/30/19 10:50 PM

I was using a 1/8 dark grey body on Friday, with light grey feathers, lead head....a friend of mine gave it to me to try.
I caught 6-7 really nice ones,...one after the other until it got hung and lost it. I'm on the hunt for some more,..!!!

Nice day hooked
Posted By: cantcatch5

Re: A morning for me - 06/30/19 10:53 PM

It was definitely a beautiful morning. I was outside at church from 8:00 to 12:00 and thought how nice it would be on the lake several times. We donít get many cool low humidity mornings in July (wall almost)
Posted By: Lazy Ike

Re: A morning for me - 06/30/19 11:26 PM

[u][/u] banana WTG nice setup I needme some shade
Posted By: pop r

Re: A morning for me - 06/30/19 11:56 PM

cheers Nice job!
Posted By: HOGON

Re: A morning for me - 07/01/19 01:32 AM

Great Post!
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: A morning for me - 07/01/19 03:50 AM

Nice fish. thumb
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