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Big bend park

Posted By: lamar44

Big bend park - 06/05/21 02:02 AM

Is big Bend nat. park worth the drive 700+ miles ?
Posted By: SSC

Re: Big bend park - 06/17/21 11:23 AM

Definitely worth the drive from wherever you are.
You can ask lots of people what to see and do and you will get lots of answers. Big Bend National Park is something around a million acres and down the road is Big Bend State Park which is around 600,000 acres.
Chisos Mountain Basin is a good place to visit especially in the summer. It is high elevation and will be cooler.
The best time to visit is fall or spring but it gets pretty busy.
Terlingua is a good place to stay outside of the park.
It is amazing out there and there is so much to do. The first time I went, I was pulled over for speeding. I think the officer just wanted to talk to someone. He gave me some insight on the area and the biggest take away I got was he referred to things as "just right down the road about 60 miles". That sums up the Big Bend area for me. Lots to see and lots of driving.
The river road between Terlingua and Presidio is an awesome drive.
Lajitas has a cool area and nice golf course.
Don't be afraid to ride across the river and have lunch or drinks (assuming those places are still open) but make sure and take your passport.
I haven't seen it all but seen quite a bit out there. Hit me up if you have specific questions and I'll see if I can help.
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