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Hooked em good today!

Posted By: Fish ZoMbiE

Hooked em good today! - 10/16/10 02:36 AM

Sharkinator, CousinIt & I hit the Vine today.


Was kinda slow but we still did ok. Hooked a boater this AM. Hooked em good in the tip of his thumb deep past the barb. He was around 200lbs & pulled hard for a few second then started hollerin & shortly after gave up. He & his buddy showing off his puncture wound. didn't bleed much at all. didn't want to come out though! huh he took his cutters & worked/pulled it till it finally popped out. We all had a laugh afterwards. then he smiled & gave the ol thumbs up pose. what a GUY!!! Wish i could have gotten a close up when my lure was still in him.

He sure was great about it. All he asked is what we were catchin em on. Told him shad, then I offered to catch them some & he excepted angel . They had been on he water since the night before. Hence the Eskimo apparel.
Then he thanks me & says: "we'll have to hook up again sometime" rolfmao

Sharkinator's reel blew up right before we called it quits.
here we honor his reel for many years of dependability with a final retirement photo.
Sharkinators haul

another great day on the water.
Posted By: zargon1211

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/16/10 04:41 AM

Looks like a great day. Is that a Carolina Skiff you guys are in? If so, how do you like?
Posted By: FoldCatOne

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/16/10 04:47 AM

I saw a video not long ago whee a doctor was showing how to remove a fishhook from a persons skin where they took a really large gauge hypodermic needle and slid it down the shank of the hook until the barb was in the hole of the needle. Then he just slid both the hook and the needle out of the guys hand. I have tried it with hooks through fabric and it works like a charm.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/16/10 06:26 AM

Nice mess of fish. Good Job.
Posted By: FSO

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/16/10 12:18 PM

thumbgreat job! Im on my fourth day off water...not allowed to fish till monday.
Posted By: Fish ZoMbiE

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/16/10 02:38 PM

not my skiff but i do like them. they are nice boats IMO
Posted By: B_Rod

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/17/10 08:56 PM

Nice little haul....gotta get back out there.
Posted By: chuckwagon

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/17/10 09:36 PM

Nice pics...beautiful water! thumb
Posted By: jfbachert

Re: Hooked em good today! - 10/24/10 02:01 AM

Hey Robert, Nice day for fishing in Texas. Can't wait to be there again fishing with you on the boat. Like the new seat also. But must smart!!
Jim a Pennsylvania angler.
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