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Lake Amon G Carter

Posted By: USMC Grunt

Lake Amon G Carter - 04/13/21 04:03 AM

Has anyone been to lake Amon Carter? Thinking of heading up there this weekend but have never been. Fishing mainly for bass but always up for crappie too.
Posted By: Slide_R

Re: Lake Amon G Carter - 04/14/21 12:10 PM

The new side was always best for me but its been a long time since i was able to fish it.
Posted By: jcrash

Re: Lake Amon G Carter - 04/14/21 12:35 PM

The old lake and new lake are connected by a tunnel through the old lake dam. You can fish both. Old lake has docs and the new lake has lots of timber. I always launch on the new side as it’s not far from the tunnel if you want to try the old lake.
Posted By: USMC Grunt

Re: Lake Amon G Carter - 04/15/21 06:30 PM

Thanks. I may give it a go and see if it’s any good.
Posted By: Neumie

Re: Lake Amon G Carter - 04/15/21 06:37 PM

I've been a few times years ago. New Lake was always super clear water, while the Old Lake was your typical clarity.
Posted By: Superfluke

Re: Lake Amon G Carter - 04/15/21 09:54 PM

I've had my best luck going down the west side on the new lake and letting the current carry watermelon flukes through the trees. You can usually stick a couple of decent fish in April and May doing this.
Posted By: texasflycaster

Re: Lake Amon G Carter - 04/28/21 03:33 AM

Used to fish off the tunnel mornings after pulling a 12-hour on flowbacks on the shale. Very good action, and big bass show up at the tunnel area in the evenings.
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