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Looking to buy a used Yak

Posted By: CatfishHunter1963

Looking to buy a used Yak - 05/14/20 01:05 AM

Would like to buy a 10-12 foot kayak that was designed for fishing.
Posted By: safarigene

Re: Looking to buy a used Yak - 05/14/20 03:15 AM

I have a 13 foot Vibe Seaghost that I am contemplating selling.
Posted By: lconn4

Re: Looking to buy a used Yak - 05/14/20 12:23 PM

Not necessarily designed for fishing (small odd shaped tankwell) but there's a very good paddling Necky Dolphin on craigs list that will get someone on the water cheap... its an older design but was about as good as you could find for offshore fishing and diving at one time. 14 footer and I believe it was 28/29 inch beam. Was definitely one of the best paddling designs almost 20 years ago. Bet you could get it for 350. For someone that weighed less than 200 lbs its a winner.


Read all of the reviews as there are a lot of them and one guy further down pointed out the only two reviews that "trashed the kayak" were from 1. a guy that was too big for the kayak, and 2. a guy that never owned it but only "test paddled" it.

Posted By: YakfishinTx81

Re: Looking to buy a used Yak - 05/14/20 02:10 PM

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