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Good place to paddle ...

Posted By: Schpanky

Good place to paddle ... - 04/30/20 01:13 PM

Hey guys....the wife and daughter want to go paddling with me as they've been cooped up for over a month and are wanting to get out.

Any recommendations on a great place to paddle that has some decent scenery? (where I might also catch a fish or twelve) This will be the first time for the wife and I'd kinda like for her to enjoy it so she'll be open to going again.

I live in NE Dallas county so I'm looking to go anywhere about 1.5 - 2 hrs out and would prefer to stay off of main lakes. I'm thinking Tyler state park (if it's open this weekend)....anyone have feedback Mineral Wells state park?

Thanks for the help
Posted By: Searsay

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 04/30/20 04:23 PM

So given you want to have fun - avoid the lakes - wind can ruin an otherwise fun paddle - also the boats can get a bit nuts on the lakes this time of year. Also probably want to avoid any rivers/creeks that are draining right now as the flow rate could make for a challenging paddle (like trinity) - unless that is what you want. My personal recommendations (based on where I've hit the last few weeks) - Either Trophy Club park (Grapevine lake - as long as you want it paddle) or Old Alton Bridge (Lewisville lake - shorter paddle). For Trophy club there are two places to launch depending on where you want to go - you can launch from the boat ramp if you want to go upstream or you can launch from the "Day use area" to access the main lake a bit faster. If you go trophy club at dawn and go upstream you can see a good bit of wildlife if your luck is good. I've personally seen beaver, otter/muskrat (not sure which was really large for muskrat though), bald eagle, owls, deer, boars, and gar rolling everywhere smile. Old Alton if you go upstream is a bit smaller - but is a classic "tree tunnel" kind of paddle with lots of birds & shading.

Denton Creek (Trophy Club) - https://goo.gl/maps/DetBpNtY9Kcetnrt7
Veal Spring/Hickory Creek (Old Alton) - https://goo.gl/maps/buSQSXf8WzyeBWsK9

There are lots of other good spots to paddle this time of year - I just haven't had a chance to hit them up - Either way - enjoy!

Fishing wise - fish seem to be moving out of the creeks - but you'll always find some there. My wife likes to read a book while I drift for cats.
Posted By: christian myrick

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 04/30/20 06:00 PM

Rivers can be great places. I find the scenery changes more in a river enviroment than a lake. Sandies are fun too.
Posted By: JJ4MEL

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 04/30/20 08:38 PM

I took the kids last weekend to go walk around the Hwy 16 bridge below PK dam. They were not releasing and the yakkers were plentiful. That is going to be about as gorgeous as it gets.
Posted By: Schpanky

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/01/20 12:40 PM

Originally Posted by JJ4MEL
I took the kids last weekend to go walk around the Hwy 16 bridge below PK dam. They were not releasing and the yakkers were plentiful. That is going to be about as gorgeous as it gets.

yes it is....paddled from 16 to Rochelle's many times...in fact, my buddies and I are planning a 3 day trip the weekend of the 15th...might be a bit much for the wife & daughter though.

I like the idea of Denton creek too...never paddled it but I'm always checking it out on google earth. I need to look into the Old Alton site and check that out as well.

We went ahead and made reservations for day passes at Mineral Wells state park. Wind doesn't look too bad on Sunday and from the pics I've seen, it's got some nice scenery as well.

thanks for the feedback
Posted By: lconn4

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/01/20 03:20 PM

We've had a couple of inches or rain in east Texas over the last three days and the rivers and creeks are up. There is a little current so keep that in mind if you're paddling down current starting out. Lots of great choices if you know the limits of your wife to paddle. I would choose Lake Fork, Little Caney, put in at Hideaway Harbor. Small store, restrooms/showers, three ramps, and very short paddle to several areas where boat traffic would be minimal. I've seen more wildlife in the area than in any other part of the lake.

Depending on how long you plan to be out, a lot of the creeks and rivers being full, its not going to be easy to find a place to get out if mother nature calls for a woman. In most of the creeks I've been on in the last month, its almost impossible to find dry land without wading through brush and vegetation.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Above pics all from same day late one evening, within a mile of Hideaway Harbor.

If you want to see gators, you'll have to paddle two miles. smile Below pic taken years ago but heard recently they are still around.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: lurenthewind

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/02/20 12:18 AM

Do you already have a kayak? Is it a tandem? How long do you want to be out the very first time for her and your daughter?

Here is why I ask. Southlake Park in Farmersville is about 30 minutes from Sachse. It is a small lake with some picnic areas around it. Its easy to get a kayak in and out. This is just a place to get a sample of kayaking if it is her first time and get outdoors for a while.. It's not all that scenic and fishing is not really great, but I went up there last week and caught a couple of small bass on a spinner bait. Usually not very many people there. Bottom of lake is covered with hydrilla. It is pretty shallow. Just be sure everyone has a life jacket, its the law, and it's practical in a kayak.

Posted By: DarrellSimpson

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/02/20 01:02 AM

We have enjoyed Paddle Point Park . There are always fish under the Miller road bridge . 6301 Miller Rd #6677, Rowlett, TX 75088
Posted By: Schpanky

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/04/20 01:36 PM

OK.....we decided to go to Mineral Wells state park....and it did not disappoint. We paddled about 1-1/2 miles down the lake, pulled the boats ashore and did some hiking up into Penitentiary Hollow. Wasn't really expecting much but man, it was nice. As I'd hoped, the wife and daughter enjoyed the day very much....so much so that I think there may be a few kayak purchases looming in my future.

Also had some of my yak buddies and their wives join us to make for a perfect day. If you've never been to MWSP....I highly recommend it.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: JJ4MEL

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/04/20 02:52 PM

Nice thumb
Posted By: Lmgreeri

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/04/20 03:07 PM

Dang that looked like fun!
I'd love to do some climbing and yaking up there some day.
Posted By: Jerry713

Re: Good place to paddle ... - 05/04/20 05:17 PM

Looks like a great trip. thumb
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