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Lake Bastrop?

Posted By: ATXBassKiller

Lake Bastrop? - 04/24/20 06:20 PM

Looking to go to Bastrop sometime this weekend, I saw that only the north shore ramp is open? Also have never been out there, so any tips/hints y'all could provide would be sweet.
Posted By: Jerry713

Re: Lake Bastrop? - 04/24/20 06:25 PM

I saw that too. I don't have any fishing advice. Be careful tho. That place will look like Walmart giving away free money Saturday morning. I bet there will be a long line just to get in the park.
Posted By: Blue Devil 7

Re: Lake Bastrop? - 04/27/20 05:57 PM

We were at Bastrop yesterday and it was a zoo! The park opens at 7am. We got there at 6:45 and there was a line of 20 cars waiting to get into the park. As the day progressed the park itself got super busy, but the lake itself wasn't that crowded as far as fishing goes. There is a spot on the other side of the fishing pier where you can put kayaks in the water so you don't have to deal with the ramp, which was a scene like I've never seen before at that park. Fish the edges of grass beds with watermelon/red soft plastics, or square bill cranks (I had luck with a chart color).
Posted By: Hopedale

Re: Lake Bastrop? - 04/30/20 05:08 PM

Fishing advice - 6 lb florocarbon with a watermelon red plastic of your choice. I like worms and senkos.

Sucks to hear it was a zoo. Saw where LCRA has opened up other ramps on the highland lakes, so maybe it will take the pressure off strop.
Posted By: Blue Devil 7

Re: Lake Bastrop? - 05/04/20 05:35 PM

We were out there again on Saturday and it was MUCH better at the ramp. They have both parks open now, so that helped a lot.
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