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Reds reds reds

Posted By: yak dog

Reds reds reds - 10/28/19 02:40 AM

It’s been three weeks and I’m having kayak fishing withdrawals , this is my typical early morning stringer . I’m usually back home by 12. Just thought I’d share

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Posted By: yak dog

Re: Reds reds reds - 10/28/19 02:47 AM

Just some pics

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Attached picture FE097EFB-8604-4F48-B1E0-9B9F900AEFFA.jpeg
Posted By: Duck_Hunter

Re: Reds reds reds - 10/28/19 03:32 AM

Posted By: FireMedic486

Re: Reds reds reds - 10/28/19 10:42 AM

I was out last week and we did pretty well. I’m with you on the withdrawals for sure. So much so I brought the kayak to work to go look for crappie when I get off Wednesday morning! Great pics!
Posted By: christian myrick

Re: Reds reds reds - 10/28/19 10:45 AM

Nice stringers. Great boat also. Amanda has the trident 15 same color. I love the layout of that yak. If it makes you feel any better i havent fished since july 4th weekend. cry
Posted By: Jerry713

Re: Reds reds reds - 10/28/19 11:13 AM

OP the red bite is starting to get hot! With last weekends first marsh flush the tides have finally dropped. I expect they'll drop some more after this week's cold front. This weekend may be a little tough with the north winds but I'm hoping they will lay some from what is currently forecast. Now is the time to get out there.
Posted By: yak dog

Re: Reds reds reds - 10/28/19 07:15 PM

Man I wish I lived closer to my fishing grounds . That would be cool to go right after work , I’d be worried all day If my kayak would be there when I got back to the office . Hopefully I will go this Friday and fish the same spot for my reds I also got another spot for trout I may hit . Hopefully Friday I’ll be posting some more pics .
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Reds reds reds - 11/02/19 04:30 AM

Nice fish. Good job. thumb
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