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St George Island, Florida

Posted By: Wishicaughtmore

St George Island, Florida - 06/13/19 04:07 AM

I'm headed to St George Island, Florida on Saturday and the son-in-law and I are bringing along the Hobie's. We are planning to do some bay fishing and wondering if anyone has any experience fishing this area? Any tips are appreciated.
Posted By: lconn4

Re: St George Island, Florida - 06/14/19 01:37 AM

Lucky You! cheers I've never fished that far north in Florida but have heard and read a lot about Apalachicola Bay. Talk to the locals, bait shops, and ask where the most likely place to find the tarpon. If you want to make sure you get bit, try to cast net finger mullet and free line them. Jumbo live shrimp and crabs also work. I rarely used over 40 lb flurocarbon leader and 30 lb braid mainline on 3500 sized spinning reels for tarpon in the 40 to 60 lb range. Caught more of them fishing for snook, trout, and redfish on 15 lb test and 30 lb leader throwing topwaters, DOA shrimp, DOA mullet (deep diver) and rapala X raps. If you haven't caught one before, be real careful when you are about to land it. Always loosen your drag once they are next to the kayak as that surge at the end with tight drag can dump you quick if it decides to go under you. I'd have some type of glove handy to lip it. Be especially careful if you hook one with any type of bait with three prongs as those hooks bury deep into mouth if you make it that far. You'll need pliers to get hooks out. Good Luck!

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