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Hobie cat 75

Posted By: Kayak-Hooligan

Hobie cat 75 - 04/17/21 06:52 AM

Anyone uses these float?
Posted By: porta

Re: Hobie cat 75 - 04/17/21 05:43 PM

I never understood the advantage of the Hobie cats over a kayak or an inflatable Float Tube, but some people really seem to like them. They wouldn't work as well for my particular shallow water river fishing involving portaging or running Rapids.
Posted By: PowerLizard

Re: Hobie cat 75 - 04/17/21 10:38 PM

I use Hobie Float Cats extensively but not exclusively. It’s my favorite method of fishing. I do prefer the Hobie Float Cat 60 over the 75.
They do have limitations such as not great in cold water/cold weather, avoid all water with alligators and avoid ocean water for the same reason. You can’t pack much on them. They can’t cover a lot of water like a kayak and they don’t break down to nothing like a float tube. It’s best described as fishing from a float tube without the worries of a puncture or leaking bladder. If you have a pickup or mid-size SUV, then transporting it is not an issue. If you have specific questions, send me a PM.
Posted By: porta

Re: Hobie cat 75 - 04/18/21 01:05 AM

Good summary by PL! A positive is the H pontoon design does seem more stable to wind and maybe to leaning from seat position in open water compared to FT or kayak.

Hobies tend to hang up on rocks between toons when walking or riding them down rapids, instead of sliding over. Plus the negatives addressed by PL, and more....
Posted By: Kayak-Hooligan

Re: Hobie cat 75 - 04/18/21 04:36 AM

I have a PA 14, but I heard these things are a gem. Found one in Houston and picked it up. It’s easy, light and convenient for the type of fishing I do. I tried one of the inflatable pontoon but they’re were too heavy. But I was wondering do they still make or have these spare parts? I’m missing the vented cap and it’s bothering me. Couldn’t find anything online but for those who lost or had a missing cap what’s another alternative cap I can use?
Posted By: PowerLizard

Re: Hobie cat 75 - 04/18/21 04:20 PM

Hobie quit manufacturing and selling Hobie Float Cats and parts a long time ago. Over time the Float Cats will start looking like Frankenboats.
I went through my garage, laundry room, pantry, spice rack and medicine cabinet to see what might fit. I found 4 close fits in the medicine cabinet. They don’t fit perfect but it can be forced on and given a quarter turn.
[Linked Image]
If you are not after the Frankenboat look, you can wipe down the replacement cap with rubbing alcohol and then spray it with flat black. I did this with all of my PVC pipe accessories and they look pretty good.
Posted By: Kayak-Hooligan

Re: Hobie cat 75 - 04/19/21 02:00 AM

Thanks powerlizard! Those are the best option so far
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