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roanoke one man pontoon

Posted By: fishin'aholic2

roanoke one man pontoon - 04/26/20 01:23 PM

I am looking to buy a roanoke one man pontoon and was wondering if anyone here has had one and what you thought about it if so? Was thinking about a tube but I need something with more mobility.

Thank you!
Posted By: porta

Re: roanoke one man pontoon - 04/26/20 04:54 PM

Though I haven't had that particular model, set up and take down is a giant hassle if you have to do it each time you go out, compared to a tube. Mobility might not be a factor if you're doing Rivers, as the current will move a tube along to give you range. Even on a lake, you can sometimes plan your launch and retrieval in such a way that you use the wind to help Mobility, with either craft. Portaging is much easier with a tube than a toon. The lower end of classic accessories craft tends to be low on quality. Hope this helps.
Posted By: fishin'aholic2

Re: roanoke one man pontoon - 04/26/20 11:21 PM

Thank you for the help! I plan to keep it togeather and just load it in the back of the truck. A tube is just too slow for how I fish.
Posted By: Samsonsworld

Re: roanoke one man pontoon - 04/27/20 06:20 PM

I own the Classic Accessories Fremont. I leave my frame and oars together and hang on the wall in the garage. Set up is a pain and wind can be a challenge, but it's much more maneuverable than a tube. I usually carry flippers (works well in light wind) and an anchor (works well in stronger winds). Can't beat it for comfort. I also tie a string between the front of the pontoons so I can just hop off and stand when it's convenient. Won't let it float away. If you use frequently, it will rust out. An aluminum frame or a frameless design would be better, imo. My $.02.
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