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Trip Swapping Thread

Posted By: ksutton

Trip Swapping Thread - 10/24/05 11:40 PM

I am starting this thread for the trip swapping idea that was started in the Open Freshwater Discussion Area. I'll go first.

My home lake is Grapevine. I have a 1994 Procraft V180 (18 1/2') Fish & Ski with a 115HP Mercury I keep in a slip at Twin Coves Marina. I fish for Large Mouth Bass and Sand Bass out of the boat and crappie out of the slips. I live in Flower Mound, TX., am 49 years old, have a wife & 3 daughters but we are empty nesters.

I would swap for a trip on any lake, or bay, except Grapevine or Lewisville Lake. I am really interested in:

Lake Fork (Never been)
Fort Phantom Hill (Been to the fort but not on the lake.)
Any lake in the Austin area. (I have a daughter that lives there so lodging is cheap.)
Any lake in the Oklahoma City area. (Same)

If anyone is interested in a swap please email me. The email address is available on the email icon above.

Posted By: R T

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/25/05 07:40 AM

If anyone wants to hit Choke Canyon or Falcon Lake give me a shout. No wife or kids, so any weekend is pretty much open for me. I fish for LMB and have a Skeeter zx185c with a proV 150.
Posted By: ChadK

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/25/05 11:47 AM

This sounds great. Excelent Post ksutton:

My home lake is Joe Pool. Joe Pool may not be one of the lakes on your "must fish" list, but for me this is just as much about fishing with other anglers as it is about other lakes. I primarally would like to fish lakes around the metroplex.
I have a 17' DC Nitro with a 120, and can always manage a few fish on JP. The numbers on JP can be really good some days. I primarally fish for Blacks, but have been known to get on the sandies from time to time too.
Posted By: Team Skeeterless

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/25/05 11:54 AM

I will certainly take part in this. Would love to meet more people from TFF. If you want to fish Granbury, or Eagle Mountain or possibly any other DFW lakes then let me know. Can always catch a few on Granbury or EM.
Posted By: ksutton

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/25/05 11:02 PM

All 3 of you will be getting an email from me before the weekend is over. I'm at work now and am getting a little busy.

Posted By: MFD911 Davy Sanchez

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/26/05 12:27 AM

looks like a good thread...

Posted By: JayInNRH

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/26/05 12:43 AM

This has been one of the most useful threads on the forum. I've had some great fishing trips that I wouldn't have been on otherwise. Being a monetarily challenged college student, it's the best alternative to a guide you can imagine. No offense to guides, but I can much more easily justify some gas money and lunch or breakfast as opposed to the usual $200+ for a guided trip.
Kevin is a great guy with a great rig and I had a really great time fishing with him. I'd recommend him to anyone that wants to have a fun trip on Grapevine.
Posted By: TTU_fisherman

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/27/05 02:35 PM

Wish I had a boat to switch trips with people on. However, here is how it usually works for me. A lot of people come out to fish Alan Henry and I spend about 80 days a year on the lake. Though I only do it on weekends (and on rare occasions a weeknight or weekday) that I have no prior trips scheduled or tournaments, I have been known to sort of guide people on the lake. Though its LMB only, if you are looking for someone to show you the lake, some prevalant techniques, some typical patterns, and some good structure your welcome to email me.
Posted By: SpinnerBaker

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/29/05 07:57 AM

I should get out and meet more TFF folks, too. I have a white 2003 Triton V186 Magnum 18 1/2 foot aluminum boat with a Mercury 115.

I am a long time bass club and team circuit bass angler (only bass club these days), but lately I've been spending as much time crappie fishing as bass fishing. I seem to be slipping in my old age; this year I will duplicate my worst club finish: 3rd place.

I live 3 miles from the Loyd Park ramp on Joe Pool, but even though I've caught some nice crappie there in recent weeks, I am certainly no expert on Joe Pool.

The only lakes in this part of the state I don't know at all are Grapevine, Ray Hubbard, and Lavon. I'd also like to better learn Eagle Mountain, Granbury, Bridgeport, and Ray Roberts.

I have probably had the best tournament success on Texoma, Whitney, Proctor, Palestine, Limestone, and Lewisville (yes, I know, a strange combination). I seem to have mastered the art of finishing one place out of the money on those lakes. From late March to early May, I'm usually on Fork, sight fishing. I don't fish Fork the rest of the year.

I can't get off work during the week, but most any weekend morning when the temperature is above freezing, I will either be out fishing or riding my bicycle.

I'll be at today's crappie seminar at Sherman, and the one next month, too. I'm still a crappie beginner, but I'm learning.

Nick, I need to sign up for an EM lesson; I've been snakebit on that lake for too long.
Posted By: ChadK

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/29/05 04:23 PM

Spinner, I'd love to get out and fish the Pool with ya sometime. If you ever want some company or give me a shout and we'll see if we can sync the schedules up.
Posted By: BillM

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/01/05 10:12 PM

Great thread. I fish Fork and Texoma a great deal. Run a Champion 203 dcx. Texoma for smallmouth and fork for monsters. Anyone interested I'd be willing to help on both lakes.
Posted By: SpinnerBaker

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/04/05 12:38 AM

Originally posted by ChadK:
Spinner, I'd love to get out and fish the Pool with ya sometime. If you ever want some company or give me a shout and we'll see if we can sync the schedules up.
Most of my recent Joe Pool trips have been crappie trips, so I don't have much to offer for bass spots, but I'm just 3 miles from the lake, so if you end up without a partner for a trip, give me a shout.
Posted By: ksutton

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/08/05 12:59 AM

Well, I've got my daughters moved (again) and race weekend is over. (Had a great time and saw 3 great races!) Now it's back to fishing. Give me a week or 2 to get back on the patterns on Grapevine and I'll be ready to take someone out. I would love to swap some time on Grapevine with one (or both) of you Joe Poolers, preferably for crappie.


Now that gas prices are dropping back down I might take you up on a trip to Alan Henry. And when you are in Bedford it's not far to Grapevine Lake. If you want to go sometime just let me know. We'll go out for a while.

Posted By: SanAntonio Ranger

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/08/05 11:07 PM

Hey all,

I fish all the local San Antonio waters including Medina, Canyon and Choke Canyon. If anyone would like to fish this area I usually have a open seat.
Posted By: Joe Dogg

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/15/05 09:22 PM

I can help out with the Brownwood Area Lakes.
I normally have a back seat open so if you are going to be in the Brownwood area, shoot me an E-mail and maybe we can get something going.
Brownwood(My Home lake that I know well)
Posted By: TBendTexasSide

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/16/05 07:35 AM

We have a nice Double-wide Palm Harbor home, near Toledo Bend Huxley Bay area. We would put someone up, to come fish TB, or Lake Pinkston. Any takers? You bring the boat, we provide the lodging! smile
Posted By: stratosphere

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/17/05 07:07 PM

would like to trade a trip to fork for one to either fayette, bastrop, conroe, or rayburn
Posted By: stratosman201

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/16/05 03:32 AM

BillM, I sent you an e-mail.

Tight lines,
Posted By: robertd2119

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/19/05 08:49 PM

I am 48 yrs old, married, three kids and a Christian. I have a 19'6" Javalin Renegade w/175 johnson. I fish Choke Canyon, Mathis, Falcon, Coletto Creek. Live in the Corpus area.

I am a member of STX federation,FLW,Quality Bass Club. Will fish the triple "T" this year on the pro side. Need some help on Rayburn, Cedar Creek and Texoma. Never fished them and they are part of my tour this year.
E-mail me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: brando

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/20/05 08:46 AM

hey guys i can help any one out on lakes graham eddleman and either of the jacksboro lakes i have fished them all my life and i want to try a new lake so if anyone can help let me know or if i can help in any way to for any of yall to fish either of these lakes i dont have a boat but i can still put you on some fish if you dont have a boat either thanks
Posted By: bass214

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/08/06 12:32 PM

i live on fork, new to area, would like to swap trips to learn a little about other lakes' give me a call 903-539-6685, or email garyshoffner@iwon.com
thanks, gary
Posted By: BillM

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/14/06 04:57 AM

Please resend your Email . I don't remember getting it but if you would resend it. headed to Texoma this weekend.
Posted By: stratosman201

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/17/06 10:46 PM

Bill, I just e-mailed you.
Posted By: coyotek

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/17/06 11:13 PM

I think this is a great idea and a wonderful way to meet other TFF members. I live in the Austin area and I don't have a boat but would be willing to share expenses if someone has a back seat open.
Posted By: stratosman201

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/18/06 12:41 AM

BillM, I received an undeliverable message when trying to e-mail you. Do you have an updated e-mail address?

Posted By: Darklord

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/18/06 01:29 PM

I live about 10 min from Ray Hubbard. Dont own a boat so most of my fishing is done from the bank on Hubbard. With the lake as low as it is all my fave spots are useless. Either way i would love to meet up with some guys and definateally try some new lakes. Hubbard and Palistine are the only 2 i really fish. Anyone needing someone to join em feel free to call me up. 972-288-4830 oh names Brad by the way. Looking forward to fijavascript:void(0)
fishshing with yall. fish
Posted By: JoeyV

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/25/06 02:03 AM

Joey is my name, and I want to learn to fish San Antonio and also other spots.....I have a boat, or will share expenses on yours, would like to fish Canyon Lake, Choke Canyon, and the Gulf Coast

Posted By: bassinman19

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/12/06 08:37 PM

I fish Joe Pool most of the time but have been known to fish Grapevine and Eagle Mtn. as well. Never done well on Roberts, have had some good days on Hubbard. Thought when I moved to Texas I would fish Fork more but usually only 1 week a year. Fayette's a bit of a run but one of my favorites. I'm heading to toledo bend for a week in May and have been trying to find someone to hook up with there. If I can help ya out let me know. If I have a back seat I usually post it here.
Posted By: BoatRx

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/01/06 04:32 AM

My home lakes are cedar creek and lewisville. I would be interested in fishing any where withing 150 miles from dfw, just give me a shout ivie1827@comcast.net
Posted By: foderabassboy

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/18/06 02:50 PM

San Antonio Ranger, do you have much luck at Canyon Lake and Medina? Close to SA, but never catch many fish there...
Now Choke will deliver usually.
Posted By: JoshKeller

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/19/06 08:07 AM

I'm Josh. 22 years old, dont smoke, have a boat. I work Fri, Sat, Sun, and usually fish Choke, Coleto, and will start fishing Mathis in the next two weeks during the week.

17' dixie dual console bass boat, 85 hp.

Can fish a full day on $30 of gas each if we go halves, which isnt bad considering its $2.85 a gallon now!
Posted By: southtexas

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/06/06 02:59 AM

i am new to the san antonio area and am looking to spend some time on choke the next few weeks. any info on where to start and what to look for as far as cover, structure, and productive techniques would be very much appreciated. i have a 20ft ranger with a 200hp evinrude. i am from the panhandle and used to fish tournaments in that area, the lakes down here are slightly different than what i am used to and any info would be greatly appreciated. I occasionaly have a back seat as well, but it is usually filled by my girlfriend.
Posted By: southtexas

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/06/06 03:06 AM

I am new to the San Antonio area and am going to be trying out choke canyon for the next couple of weeks. I am from the panhandle and fished 4-5 days per week up there. I have been looking at maps of choke and have some decent ideas of areas to start at but local knowledge is always invaluable. These lakes are a little different than what i am used to and would like some info on where to start, types of structure and cover to target, and also productive techniques. i have a 20ft ranger with a 200hp evinrude. i occasionaly have a back seat, but my girlfriend takes it up most of the time. any info or anyone possibly interested in taking a 2-3day trip let me know.
Posted By: Conan_0822

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/11/06 05:31 PM

hey Southtexas, where in the panhandle. I grew up in Andrews, but now live in south texas about 5 miles from the Mexico border smile
Posted By: guyfish

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/12/06 03:09 PM

looking for a partenr around dallas lakes give me a call 214-703-0569 today I'm going to ray hubbard trying to show some friends how to find lmb and maybe some sandys also should be fun let me know whats up, just getting started here at tff
Posted By: skeeter_k

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 09/28/06 02:21 PM

Lakes I KNOW:
Martin Creek
Lakes I Want to Know:
I have a Ranger 520 with Yamaha 225 HPDI. I fish these lakes above all the time. I am really interested in swapping a Fork for Livingston trip.
Posted By: champ19

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/09/06 10:24 PM

looking for local partner around newbraunfels
19ft champion,matt
Posted By: champ19

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/13/06 12:58 AM

Originally posted by southtexas:
I am new to the San Antonio area and am going to be trying out choke canyon for the next couple of weeks. I am from the panhandle and fished 4-5 days per week up there. I have been looking at maps of choke and have some decent ideas of areas to start at but local knowledge is always invaluable. These lakes are a little different than what i am used to and would like some info on where to start, types of structure and cover to target, and also productive techniques. i have a 20ft ranger with a 200hp evinrude. i occasionaly have a back seat, but my girlfriend takes it up most of the time. any info or anyone possibly interested in taking a 2-3day trip let me know.
i know choke very well.give me a call ,matt 8304810671
Posted By: Capt. K C

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/14/06 06:07 PM

Does anyone out there have any knowledge of gulf coast? I am looking at the Port Aransas area but will most likely consider going anywhere? I would like to go out to the rigs and wrecks but will fish bay areas. Also would like to target striper as well on some of the lakes. I have the boat if you are willing to share some knowledge and help with exspenses.


Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/17/06 01:43 AM

See PM whitewetahook
Posted By: KevinT.

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/21/06 03:33 PM

KSutton, I will swap you a trip, Fork is my lake if you are interested.
Posted By: RANGER481V

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/25/06 02:55 AM

Posted By: Dan in MN.

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/25/06 03:17 AM

I will be snowbirding Jan,Feb. in Port A. And Del Rio in March. Have never been to either areas before. Am pullin a 16 ft alum. boat,50 hp. behind a 5th wheel camper. My wife and I plan on fishin all the time. Would love to learn the areas from a local fisherman. Want to catch LMB in the fresh water, and Reds & Trout ect. in the saltwater.

We are 49 yrs young, empty nesters. We run a Dairy Queen in Minnesota, and take the winters off.

Can use your boat,or ours.
Posted By: tiger81

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/23/07 02:46 PM

hey man my name is kaleb and i just moved to plano on saturday from minnesota. i love to fish! mostly for crapies and bass, and back home a lot of walleyes. but i don't know anywhere to go near here?? i am not familiar with the area at all and could realy use some help and maybe a fishing partner to hrlp show me around the lakes. ive been hearing a lot oabout lake fork, do you know where that is? anyway if youre free some weekend and you want to show a new guy the ropes please let me know thanks,kaleb
Posted By: johnny k

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/17/07 04:36 PM

rt are u still around
Posted By: ritch

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/13/07 12:51 AM

Hey guys I live in Beaumont how about Sabine lake/jetties/river. Drop me a mess and I will get back to you asap,check my post under saltwater reports.
Posted By: Tejasbasshunter

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/20/07 04:18 PM

Great Thread----

I'm interested in Ray Hubbard, Joe Poole, Grapevine ,Texhoma and Towokani

I have experience on Lewisville, Ray Roberts, Sandlin, Cypress, Fork, Cedar Creek, Bohnam, Pines and Palestine
Posted By: Mookie

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/25/07 08:07 PM

Anyone wanting to fish in the Houston area is welcome to join me.....Conroe and/or Fayette are probably the 2 I know the best. Also fish Coleto Creek and Rayburn quite a bit.
Posted By: centerdriver

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/27/07 04:35 PM

I am a traveler and will be in the Bryan, College Station area from the end of aug till mid nov. Have fished Conroe since '84 on and off, Galveston jetties, the bay and now have a 19.5' CC Kenner w/115 opti. Will be doing cats and crappie on Conroe, reds and trout in the bay and bottom fishing near shore rigs and wrecks. May even hook a king or two heading out or in. Drop an email and lets make a long range plan or two....or wait till aug and then do it. When you email me, I will send a return with my cell #'s.
Posted By: comik29

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/10/07 05:23 PM

I live in the DFW area and don't have a ton of experience but have a boat and usually always have a backseat available it is a 19 foot Chamnpion with 200 horse mariner. Will go to any lake with a little help on fuel.
Posted By: Ryno

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/14/07 08:44 PM

Great Topic!
I'm originally from Iowa. Moved here 4 years ago to teach/coach. Right now I live in Irving with my wife and 2 year old son. I don't have a boat but hope to change that next summer.

What I have to offer is some of the best ice fishing you could possibly experience. For someone wanting to do something completely different...here's your chance!

I would love to fish Amistad or Fork.

Shoot me an email and lets see if we can get something set up!

Posted By: Kennercc

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/19/07 06:11 PM

Make a long story short, got computer fouled up, had to change names. Was Centerdriver, now Kennercc. Found out not going to Bryan/College Station, but heading instead to Texarkana. Will be fishing Wright Patman and LOP mostly. Still will be taking the boat down to galveston for salt doing the jetties and near off shore. Normally fish with the wife, but she works on some days I want to fish.
Posted By: bluemundy

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/22/07 06:40 PM

My name is Mike Mundy, live in Midland Tx but have a trailer at Lake Amistad. Will be glad to show you around the lake. Trailer is in Holiday Trav-L Park, Lot #136 (on the corner). Green and white, screened-in porch with a deck. Come on by when you have some time.
Posted By: bluemundy

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/22/07 06:41 PM

My name is Mike Mundy, live in Midland Tx but have a trailer at Lake Amistad. Will be glad to show you around the lake. Trailer is in Holiday Trav-L Park, Lot #136 (on the corner). Green and white, screened-in porch with a deck. Come on by when you have some time.
Posted By: SomethingSmellsFishy

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/03/07 09:14 PM

Coyotek, if you'd be willing to reserve the campsite at Emma long I know a whole Carp Brigade that would be happy to teach you how to catch MONSTERS from the bank in Austin. Just thought I'd throw out a bank fishing option. ALL anglers are usually welcome when we fish Austin. I hope to have a boat soon and will take some of you boatless members up on some knowledge of your home lake.
Posted By: Anglers Lodge

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/06/07 04:09 AM

Dan in MN., come by and see me when ya get here. Can put ya on some good locations and even share my boat with you if you wish and go fish a bit.
Posted By: Lath

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/14/08 08:43 PM

How about swapping Flyfishing in Bozeman Montana for Bass/Crappie fishing in East Texas?
Posted By: ZX225(Radio)

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/15/08 01:06 AM

I would like to Swap a fishing trip to fork(I'm not a guide but know the lake very well). For a Deer hunt in KS,OK,West Texas.
Posted By: Darren Heavner

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/03/08 01:07 AM

This sounds like a great idea. I just moved from Ohio to the DFW area in February. I haven't been out on any of the lakes yet but am getting really anxious. In Ohio, I fished many local circuits along with the BFL and a few Stren tournements. I run a Champion 206 Elite dual console, I'll supply the boat and the gas if you show me the lakes.
Posted By: Charles B.

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/04/08 07:08 PM

My local lakes I fish are Lake Brownwood and Proctor. If anyone is interested in fishing these lakes give me a shout! Would like to meet some tff guys and share some stories and get the hook wet. - Charles cell# 325-647-9522

p.s. I own a 18ft. V.I.P Stealth w/ 85 hp Yamaha
Posted By: scott72t

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/06/08 10:40 PM

My home lake is Lake Fork. I'm up for taking anyone out on Fork that has some general knowlege on bass fishing and a few bucks for gas...say $20?. Geez i miss 99 cents a gallon.. I've got an 89 Procraft 18ft fish/Ski 140HP

mostly available to fish weekends but with a little notice the weekday will work as well.

Posted By: Burch

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/11/08 12:37 AM

Trading a Minnesota fishing trip for an outing in Texas.

I have several Mississippi backwater areas and smaller lakes in MN with great fishing (20-30 fish days are common, 2lb+ average with several at 4ish and usually at least one over 5-6lbs) Other options would be Lake Minnetonka or smallies on Mille Lacs.

I have a 17' Bass Tracker with plenty of room for me and 1 other person.

The trick is, I am only in Texas this week through the 14th.

If you can get out fishing this week, and you plan to be in MN sometime this summer, lets talk!!
Posted By: 1st Class Tackle

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/13/08 11:03 PM

I'm a 22 year old colege student I live in San Antonio and am an avid angler for catfish, bass, crappie, etc. If anyone has an open seat on their boat let me know id realy enjoy another trip with an angler from TFF. You can PM me or e-mail me at liquidliferep@hotmail.com Im more then willing to pitch for gas or lunch etc.

Thanx, Alex
Posted By: SHOOTER1

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/14/08 09:37 AM

I am a full time BowFishing Guide on Lake Lewisville. While Bowfishing I will set out JugLines for cats...Will trade BowFishing trips for Hog and Deer hunts (meat hunts)...

I shoot out of a 17ft custom ridged Alum Boat, 3000 watts of Generator powered lights. If we need more light, the boat has 2 aircraft landing lights.

The trips are fun for anyone that can pull back a Bow...
I have bows for Jr. shooters, and even for south paw's...

On a Bad night we will see a 100 or so fish..And on a good nite over 300 fish...

I have been BowHunting for 45 yrs... Started shooting Bull frogs at the age of 10, with my Stemmbler 38# bow...I still have that Bow...

I can take 2 shooters at a time.

As of todays date (July 14)...All Bowfishing Records on Lake Lewisville were shot from my boat...

My 13yr old grandson holds 7 Lake Lewisville BowFishing records

I have 2 Lake Lewisville Bowfishin records

Tex McFadden Holds the Gar Lake Lewisville BowFishing record, He had never shot a bow before I took him out that day...He took 3 shots at a plastic bottle . The first fish that he shot at , was a big Gar. The rest is lake history...

I furnish all the equipment, and BowFish other lakes as well as Lewisville...

Pro Guide
Larry Warnack
Hunt Fish Shoot Guide Service
Posted By: TarponFly

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/11/08 08:17 PM

Im a guide in Broken Bow Oklahoma in the Lower Moutain Fork River, for Brown and Rainbow Trout (flyfishing only).

During the months of Febuary - April, I guide in Rowlett at a creek that flows into Lake Ray Hubbard called Rowlett Creek. If you would like to research this topic, find under bank fishing, thread is called Rowlett Creek Sand Bass Run.

I have been a guide for 7 years now on Rowlett Creek and 4 years in Oklahoma for trout.

Im willing to trade or just find some happy clients. feel free to PM me or below is direct contact information. Tight Lines!

Carey Alexander
Posted By: juswannafish

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/31/08 03:39 PM

Hey guys I can help with a boat or cash to see different lakes in the dallas fort worth area. Going to grapevine for the first time saturday. don't know the lake but want to try it.anybody who knows the lake want to join us?
Posted By: Texas Fishin

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/26/08 09:02 AM

I'm 61 married and mostly retired. I usually have a fishing partner but would be interested in this program. Have a 20' Mako
with a 115 Yamaha. Very comfortable for 3 and pretty good for 4.

I also like salt so if you are interested in lakes near here or the coast give me a shout.

Hey you guys in charge. You might think about putting this thread on the front page.
Posted By: BigDaddy2508

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/04/08 12:13 PM

I am in on this. I have a 21' Stroker with a 225 Merc. I am new Houston area lakes. Let me know nd we can go fishing some time.
Posted By: Watkins_SFA

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/14/08 02:54 AM

Im the manager of Tri_Lakes Tackle in Lufkin about 25 minutes from Sam Rayburn. I fish BFL, Weekend Series, and ABA. I'm also on the SFA College Bass Fishing Team. So I'm constantly traveling to new lakes. I have an College FLW tournament on Falcon in January. I'll swap information for information. I know alot of big tournaments on Rayburn are tough sometimes, but i do well on it and I can tell you atleast whats going on when your tournament is supposed to be. Put you ahead of the field a little.
Posted By: calibassman

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/06/09 11:45 AM

Gary anytime you want to go out let me know and we can go. Until I get another boat I will be fishing out of my daughters, but it's a good boat so please let me know. Thanks bouncy
Posted By: captaincam3

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/08/09 10:01 PM

Alaska fishing Swap.

I own/operate 34' charter boat out of Sitka, Alaska. I'm looking for a good Whitetail hunt with comprable accomodations as what I Offer up North.

For anyone interested who does not have the ability, or resources to swap, I do have 3, 3-4 day spots available for the 09' season.
Posted By: MidWeekFishin

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/10/09 05:36 PM

Hello all,

Newbie here, looking for anglers in the San Antonio area. I work Friday - Monday, yes it bites. But, that means I should have the lake mostly all to myself when I get there. Anyone willing to show the new guy the ropes? Please PM me.


Posted By: bearf15

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/17/09 11:17 PM

I'm looking for a fishing partner. I live in San Antonio and have a place in Del Rio. If you want to go fishing let me know when.

I fish out of a Bass Cat Puma. Moved here a couple of years ago but still went back to the southeast for tournaments and haven't fished much in Texas yet. This is the year though...


Posted By: langley9

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/19/09 02:12 PM

hey nick my name is dave i live in the tin top area on the brazos..fish the river alot but lost intrest in granbury..just cant find em would love to go out with ya sometime..i am pretty knowledgable on bridgeport if you would like too try that..i got a 18.5 triton with 150hp 2 years old
Posted By: bigtexnick

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/19/09 06:29 PM

Hello, I live in west Fort Worth, have a 18.5' Nitro w/ 150 Merc. I primarily fish for largemouth, but also would enjoy catching a school of sandbass or hybrids or stripers; want to learn to catch crappie; and if nothing else, then catfish.

I usually fish these lakes, roughly in this order:
-- Benbrook
-- Eagle Mountain
-- Marine Creek
-- Granbury
-- Lake Worth (but don't eat anything from it)
-- Grapevine

I'd really like to find a permanent fishing partner, somebody around my age (i'm 27) and who wants to learn these local lakes or maybe fish in some CHEAP tournaments like "big bass fun". Mostly just for fun and catch dinner. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.
Posted By: Matt Wilson

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/21/09 06:26 PM

I live in north richland hills and have a 18' Javelin with a 150 on it , i fish hard and most of the area lakes like pool or worth or E.M. even weatherford, grapevine, (my mom live out there) if anyone wants to go fishing and can stand some relaxing yet hard fishing with a smoker then PM me I usually fish like 4 or 5 days a week I howevey already have a tourny partner but would be open to joining up with some one else for maybe just some small working man tourny some time, or just a afternoon out on the water, If you wanna come out with me all you need is a little gas money. I fish for blacks but I get ion the sandies from time to time. I am open to any kinds of fishing and always excited to learn somtheing new, like age would be prefferred, and if you cant stand a little cussing and spittin maybe a beer here and there (not on the water or course)then this is not the fishing trip for you. I am looking for openminded people that love fishing.
Posted By: pdanny

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/27/09 11:17 PM

I am looking for a partner to go to lake falcon with me. I need someone to split expenses with. this will be a relatively cheap trip and i will be going sometime between march 6-15, the date is flexible. I live in tyler texas, give me a call if interested 214 663 3723
Posted By: Keller Boot and Bass Man

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/28/09 06:36 AM

I live in Keller, I fish Ray Roberts and Grapevine, I have a 18' Kingfisher w/150 Evinrude, Lowrance GPS <learning to use>

Would like to learn better techniques for catching larger fish. Expense would be approx $30 for a day trip.

If interested send me an email.

Posted By: daltexmex

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/28/09 01:25 AM

i would like to trade you a hog dog hunt. you interested?
Posted By: Devious1

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/28/09 08:41 PM

I dont have a boat and only have a few days a week that I might could get out.. I smoke I cuss and love to fish.. only problem is I dont make alot of money so its a hear and there thing that I could throw down some cash.. I wanna fish some bigger lakes Ive been fishing the same private tank the last year with a buddy of mine... Im not the best of the best but just enjoy getting out and relaxing and maybe having a beer... I can offer a trip to a private tank in exchange and we could do some bank fishing or take the little boat out thats there but kinda hard to stand up and fish in a 12 or 14 ft. aluminumn v hull.
Posted By: texas6shootr

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/05/09 10:42 PM

daltexmex i will trade you a fishing trip for a hog dog hunt. thats fun stuff. I have 20ft Kingfisher wt a 200hp Johnson fully loaded. I fish 5 to 6 days a week. Most of the time on the pool cause i'm just minutes from loyd park. But I'm very savvvy on most all the lake between Texoma and Whitney. I fish for Blacks,sandie's,cat's, crappie. I caught over 20 crappie last night wt my girlfriend on the pool.
Posted By: mgid006

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/07/09 05:25 PM

I live near Lake Buchanan,Travis,LBJ, and Inx Lakes. I have a 20ft. ranger w/225 efi. I would trade a trip to Cedar creek. I am not a pro but am in the bass club and the Federation. I am available weekdays. Some weekends are open.

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/23/09 11:04 PM

this is a great idea wish I had some experince I could trade but may take up the the gas money to pay and fish fork
Posted By: WahooBob

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/25/09 02:10 AM

Great post. Id be up for taking people on the guadalupe trout fishing, and I allso have a 30ft offshore boat with twin 225s that i fish outa port a and port OC. Not a real big bass fisher but i love all fish but would like striper, sandy, cats and crappie more.
Posted By: CatMannDu

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/28/09 06:04 PM

Hi my name is Jeff. I live in Alvarado. I'm looking for someone to fish with. I have my own boat and fish Alvarado, Cleburne, Aquilla, and Whitney. I only work 3 days a week. I do fish a few working man and open tourneys around where I live. Do not want to travel too far. If someone else is looking for a fishing partner, maybe we could get together. I am married w/3 kiddos. My boat is a Nitro 16 w/60hp. Good boat for 2 fisherman. Prefer someone with their own boat so we can trade out fishing trips to keep cost down.
Posted By: fishingmike

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/01/09 08:11 PM

ksutton, or anyone else.I go to fork most weekends not looking to swap a trip but if you would like to go, we can make it happen. now about me i smoke and my choice of words may not be the best sometimes but that's the way i am,i'm not rude just cuss too much so the wife say's. but fishing is my tranqulizer. most people that work with me say i'm a different person on the lake. so if interested give a shout let's catch some fish.
Posted By: Evan O'Brien

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/05/09 08:57 PM

I would like to trade a trip for a hog hunt, or any type of hunt. Fork, Ray Hubbard, Cypress Springs, Bob Sandlin, or Athens
Posted By: Nitro170dc

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/07/09 04:53 PM

I have a 17ft nitro 170dc w/ 90hp motor I live in austin area but have a house in zapata/falcon lake. I would like to trade a hunt or some fishing somewhere in Tx...doesnt matter to me

I have full amenities down south 4 bed room house so lodging and food no big deal...just some gas

Shoot me a PM!!
Posted By: TXBASS1985

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/12/09 03:57 AM

I live in Fort Worth and kno Benbrook and Alvarado small lakes that my dad always took me too and trying to get out to other lakes in the area i just got out of the Navy and now trying to get into a few tourny's but all i have now is a jon boat working on the new boat so pm me if u dont mind taking a extra along or if u wanna learn those lakes. Im off on tues. and wed. rite now but it rotates since im shift work.
Posted By: countryclass

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/16/09 04:55 AM

ehy guys i dont have a boat but i am a beginner angler in the dfw area. i live by lewisville and close to grapevine. If anybody woulnt mind i would love to go out with some of yall to learn more and just meet fellow anglers. i am the only one in my family that enjoys the outdoors so i dont get to go with a partner often. also being in high school fishing isnt the coolest thing for others to do everyday after school.
Posted By: fish&print

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/17/09 05:43 AM

I just posted the other day that I was looking for a partner, I usually fish Medina and Choke.... check out my post in the partner finder section and let me know if your interested in getting together.

Posted By: mnmhough21

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/24/09 08:11 PM

I live in Weslaco and would love to fish Falcon...have heard lots about it for years. I don't have a boat and have heard it's must for Falcon. I'm a teacher and after July 10th am off til Aug 13. I'd be very interested in fishing with you. Let me know.
Posted By: AKJay

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/29/09 07:52 AM

What I have to offer:
I am a 21 year old college student.
I live in College Station, Tx.
I grew up on the Gulf near Matagorda Bay.
I have a river house on the Tres Palacios River.
I have a 16 ft. flatbottom set up for gigging and fishing.
I have 2 Ocean Kayaks.
Several of my friends are guides or own other property nearby one of the two locations.

I'm not too particular on what I'm interested in...If you're interested in fishing one of the areas near where I live or something then let me know and we'll see what we can work out. I have online classes this semester so as of now my schedule is pretty open.
Posted By: brando

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/05/09 04:54 AM

willing to swap trips with just about anyone i fish primarily for cats mostly trophy cats fish the trinity river south of dfw and the brazos river occasionally have a 15' 1951 lonestar that i use on the river usually find a good spot and fish from bank have more than enough gear for several people to fish with me would just need help splitting costs for gas on the worst night i have had on the river thus far we ended up with 10 cats and 4 gator gar smallest being 5lbs largest just over 20 and best night approx 50 blue's and flats combined biggest being 50lbs smallest being about 10lbs have also landed several gator gar well over 100lbs all on r&r will also set limblines if fish are slow in usual fishing area
Posted By: RodneySr

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/06/09 04:53 AM

Anyone want to hit Alan Henry I have a TR17 Triton its a Small bass boat but fun to fish out of. I will be first the say I do not know everything nor a great fisherman but love to fish. Mainly fish for LMB but open to whatever. Willing to go with newbie or experienced thats willing to school me lol smile Anyway i try to go a few times a week. Unless I have an apointment , out of town or fishing with step dad I am open to go. All I ask bring some snacks for yourself and no beer onboard after off lake is ok smile PM if interested
Posted By: Brandon A

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/22/09 11:50 PM

i have a 17'6'' champion bassboat, with a good trolling motor, and not so great depth finders. id be willin to swap with anyone, thursdays are my "free days" and ill fish anywhere around austin. only lakes ive fished up here this far are bastrop, and only been there once, im open to fishing for whatever. boat rules ---

no. 1-- dont get frustrated in my boat
no. 2-- PFD on when big motor is running

i think that sums it up. lemme know if u wanna swap, or just wanna go fishin with me.
Posted By: bryanreece

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/11/09 01:34 AM

i want to fish bastrop saturday or decker even got the fever bad call if interested 5128012481 bryan
Posted By: Dawson Hefner

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/23/09 03:47 AM

Hi, my name is Dawson. I live in Tyler. Lake Palestine is closest to me, but I also fish for, tyler, and hawkins. In the winter time I mainly go for crappie and cats, I have a 20'6" Center console with a 115 yamaha. What I don't have is a lot of spare cash to feed it, so I am looking for people to split expenses with when I go. I usually make an all day affair out of fishing at least once a week, and I try to go in evenings when I get off work early enough. Im pretty good at cleaning fish too, and I don't take much meat because the wife is not a big fan. I have enough room in my boat for 3 or 4 people to fish, I also have enough gear to fish a few people. PM me on here for more info. I work retail right now, so my schedule varies, with most of my fishing being on week days.
Posted By: bwhitt

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/08/10 11:02 PM

My name is Bob Whitt and live around the San Angelo area.My lakes are Twinbuttes,Nasworthy,(big fish-hard to catch)Amistead,Brownwood,Ft Phanthom.Brady(nice lake),and on and on.Am 56 years old,a christain and fish full time.Would like to fish somewhere other than the desert.Have boat will travel.
Posted By: TheGallet

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/28/10 06:54 PM

Hey guys, I see alot of you are wanting to trade a fishing trip for a hunting trip. Well, I live on the gulf coast and when duck season comes up I'd be glad to take some of you out to shoot some birds. If you'd rather go dove hunting I could probly swing that too depending on how my land is looking this year (last year we murdered the dove). As for duck hunting Ive been going out to JD Murpheys alot (public land), always limit on teal, and later on in the year after those good cold fronts we shot lots of big ducks. I have a duck boat that is fully capable of going through anything with 4 inches of water (loads of fun). This year im lookin to get on a private lease depending on my money situation.

Anyways im 21 from beaumont TX, I love the outdoors and am looking to learn alot about fishing. Im no begginer, but im not pro just yet. Im very laid back, and very respectful of other peoples property. My dad and I share an aluminum xpress, flat bottom boat with a trollin motor, its not much for bass fishing but I still catch lots of them in it.

Im lookin for someone who would like to trade for what I have offered, and would like to take me to do some good crappie or bass fishing. I know these 2 seasons are complete oppisites, but im a man of my word. I'll even help you pay for the trip if needed.

Shoot me a PM, and we'll figure it out.
Posted By: Bryan Pauley

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/02/10 12:38 PM

Hey guys i live in lubbock and have a small bass tracker boat ...i fish O.H. Ivie and millers creek have fished allen henry but havent figured it out. I grew up on lake murvall in east texas and have been fishing ever since. I know ovie the best up here and can put us on crappie bass or sandies...
Posted By: station 8

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/07/10 03:41 AM

I have a pair of nike shoes and a lot of bank to fish on a hard acess lake. Will swap for hunting or fishing trip. Had 20 black bass today 3-7 pounds.
Posted By: wanna be

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/08/10 03:36 AM

comik29 i would not miind helping on fuel i would like to learn more about bass fishing. iam avil. on some weekends call my cell (214)244-7478 name is mike
Posted By: wanna be

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/08/10 03:46 AM

i would not mind helping anyone with fuel expence just wanna learn...
Posted By: razorback73

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/16/10 03:09 AM

Hey guys,
I live in Bentonville, AR. My home lake is Beaver Lake (Home to the first BASS tournament), I am an hour and 15min. from Table Rock(Missouri), an hour from Grand Lake(Oklahoma), Couple hours to Bull Shoals, and world famous White River.

Have a ranger 520 dvx!
Posted By: fisherTim

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/18/10 01:51 AM

Going fishing,

I moved to Katy, TX a year ago and have been fishing Conroe and Fayette County Lakes. Kids are grown...have a 19 ft Beeline with a 200hp Merc. Used to live in the Metroplex with Lewisville and Ray Roberts being my home lakes.

I go fishing most weekends...if interested in joining me give me a call or send an email.
Posted By: fisherTim

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/23/10 11:58 PM

I fish Fayette Co. lake a few times per month. If you don't mind driving down there, I normally have a back seat open. My boat is a 2008 Beeline 19.5 ft.

Send a PM if you are interested. Will be going there in there in the morning!
Posted By: 85MPH

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/05/10 04:02 PM

I am a guide in the middle Texas coast and I also work in the oil industry. I am staying in Decatur during the week and I am looking to trade some crappie fishing trips for some guided, wadefishing trips. I am willing to travel 1-1.5 hours from Decatur to get on some slabs. PM me if interested, or call (979)543-0140 to discuss. I have my own gear and I did well wading for crappie during the spawn. For those not interested in trading trips, I am willing to pay all expenses on any trip I am invited on. Thanks in advance and I look forward to meeting some of yall.
Posted By: Redman71

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/06/10 01:46 PM

I'm moving into the Ft. Hood, Killeen, Copperas Cove area in late July. I need someone to teach me to fish Belton and or Stillhouse for just about anything that swims. I can back seat or front seat as needed.

For the last several years I have focused on saltwater fishing out of the Port O'Connor area and haven't fished freshwater much. My family has a little place to stay down there and a 22' Baystealth with a Yammie 150 to fish from.

My wife is due to have our third child in August and I have been informed that my weekend long, saltwater trip requests will be denied until further notice.

I can't go without fishing that long so I will trade trips to Belton or Stillhouse for trips to the Port O'Connor area in the late fall/winter time frame.

Posted By: Lucas Loafman

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/29/10 03:14 AM

I have had a great deal of success fishing crappie on Belton and Waco - april-october. (former guide and still fish a lot of tourneys)

I'd be interested in trading trips or information for anything in the Coastal Bend area (bay/offshore) or even looking at Dove or Quail hunting opportunities.

I do travel down that way and have a 22foot triton center console.

Posted By: bearf15

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/09/10 11:23 PM

I live in Del Rio and will show you around Amistad if you are interested.

Posted By: SleezyT

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/30/10 09:16 PM

I live between Lake Waco and Lake Belton. I am new to fishing freshwater but am ready to learn. I have a 2006 Nitro 17.5 with a mercury 115. Would like to have someone go and maybe show me the ropes. Can be available almost anytime.
Posted By: lfhamling

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/06/11 12:35 AM

We are from Nebraska and are going to be in the Corpus Christi area July 17-23rd. I am looking to see if there is anyone who my husband and son (12 years old ) could fish with? Hubbby is an avid hunter here in Nebraska and would love to show anyone a good time if you ever wanted to come this way for a duck or goose hunt ( or deer, turkey, pheasant...) We are not looking for a big fishing boat, just someone who loves to fish and show people a good time. We would be willing to help pay for gas or bait or anything like that. Thanks in advance for any help!!
Posted By: Mjaye

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/02/11 02:14 PM


My name is Michael I live in Lavon and I am trying to learn the area lakes. I have a 21 foot Kenner center console. I moved to the DFW area in 09. I grew up fishing Toledo Bend and still try to go there when I can. I have a camp there I can use. So far I have been unsuccessful meeting anyone around me that fishing for Bass. They fish Lavon for Catfish and Crappie. Crappie can be fun but I have not done that in years.

If you know the lakes but lack a ride or would like to swap rides, share expenses drop me a note.

I love to fish and my favorite is super fluke and lizards. I have fish rattle traps and jerk baits but I am a bit rusty.

Take Care and good Luck.

Michael Jaye

Posted By: wacopops

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/16/12 03:43 PM

Dan,I will be on amistad mar 14 for 30 days.I have a xpress X19w/150.Email me your cell # will take u out at least 1 time.

Posted By: wacopops

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/16/12 03:47 PM

Mike I will be at same rv park mar 14 for 30 days.Been down there seveeral times maybe we can go out for a day.

Posted By: adfishin

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/24/12 12:07 AM

anyone interested fishing the San Antonio/Austin area lakes, I've usually got an open back seat

Posted By: nitetrane

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/02/12 07:19 PM

I'd like to trade trips or take someone out. I have a 17 foot aluminum boat. Not much to look at but it does like the fish. I fish tawakoni mostly I'd like to learn a little about Hubbard. I mostly fish for cats drifting or on juglines. Let me know if anyone is interested.
Eric 9032170680

Posted By: DAWGreTIRED

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 09/26/12 06:08 AM

My company has a fish camp in Rough Canyon on Amistad. I would trade a weekend on Amistad for a trip in the Austin area. I live on Travis, but I want to fish some of the other area lakes, LBJ, Buchannan or others. Let me know if interested.
Posted By: IdRaTherBeCasting

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/01/12 08:03 AM

Don't know if this will get any interest, but I'd like a small pond/lake to fish with my young 8 yr old nephew.. he is new to fishing and loves it so far... somewhere we can catch a few fish...

I will trade for a few golf lessons... if anyones interested in learning the game on here... hey don't knock it till ya tried it..
anyways, I live in Forney, but we'd be interested in driving a little bit if the fishing is any good....

I have been playing golf over 20 years, but am a lot better at teaching it, although I am a scratch golfer... specialize in teaching all parts of the game... short game, irons, driving, putting, course management, mental game, the whole shebang...
anyhow send me a pm, or feel free to call Ben at 817 657 5597...
Also note I have been a catch and release fisherman since I was a kid and fish for black bass mainly....
Posted By: Jbfishin

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/08/13 03:54 AM

New to the area I recently moved from Kansas City and looking forward to hit the water. All I know about local fishing is what I have read on this forum over the last few days. I have a boat but would prefer to hit the water with a local expert first. Let me know if you want to show me around the area. I have all my own tackle and will happily chip in for gas.
Posted By: laxeagle

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/13/13 01:14 AM

Hi Guys,

I was referred here by a member on a similar site that we have for Wisconsin, lake-link.com. I am down in the Dallas area for work for a 2 weeks, Feb 11th-22nd, and am dying to get out open water fishing, we have been ice fishing the last two months. I have no gear down here so I was considering going to the Lewsiville Lake barge since I can rent equipment there, does anyone know of anything similar that would rent equipment?

Also, if anyone has any interest in having a fellow fishermen from Wisconsin go out with them I would appreciate it, I am free all day Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th. I am an avid fisherman in Wisconsin mainly targeting walleye but do the occasional bass fishing. If someone was willing to take me out I would gladly return the favor if they were ever up in Wisconsin and help out with bait and gas costs, I do have my own boat and plenty of gear up there. I am 26 years old and a very respectful fisherman and person in general.

I know all of this is a long shot but if anyone has any information to help me out please email me at timwollak@gmail.com

Thank You,

Posted By: Mjaye

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 03/25/13 09:48 PM

I have a 21 ft CC Kenner. I moved to Dallas in 2009.
I live on Lavon and have caught a few. I want to learn the DFE lakes for LMB mainly and crappie if the big boys are not biting.

If you know the lakes but do not have a boat at the moment drop me a PM.
If you want to swap trips and show me where to go snd not go I am willing. Weekdays or weekends if I am home. I work a rotation.

Sorry just found an earlier post of mine in here.
Lol same deal though.

Good luck one and all
Posted By: whackinbass

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/31/13 07:34 PM

What an AWESOME idea! I will be moving to the DFW area soon, and will certainly participate. I will be either On the NW quadrant with Grapevine and Lewisville and Roberts, OR possibly the NE with Lavon and Hubbard as home lakes. I will re-post when I'm set. What a neat deal. Until then, tight lines.
Posted By: wacopops

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/24/13 09:16 PM

Like this tread, ck site below, my boat.
Posted By: TNT inpsections

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/13/13 10:46 PM

I would love to hit either just moved here from AZ and sold the bass boat and have not replaced it yet. Ive fished a few tournaments but that was a derby at Canyon and up northeast texas. Im dying to fish any of those and Amistad too. I just havent met the fishing guys as of yet. Only new friends are golfers. Give me a call.

Tony T
Married/no kids/44/Oil field inspector
480-433-1009 call or text
Posted By: Bob Benton

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 09/09/13 03:49 AM

Coming over next month, daughter at Tech and loves to fish.

I have my own boat, what kind of deal could you do for show around LAke Alan Henry?

Posted By: Welstead Family

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/14/13 12:52 AM

Hey guys. How are costs typically shared for a trip? If I provide the boat, how are things split up? I'm thinking about bringing one or two folks up to Texoma, along with my 6 year old son.
Posted By: Donald Harper

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/21/13 05:09 PM

Originally Posted By: Welstead Family
Hey guys. How are costs typically shared for a trip? If I provide the boat, how are things split up? I'm thinking about bringing one or two folks up to Texoma, along with my 6 year old son.

Have it undersood up front so there is no suprises on anyone's part.
You want to split the trip 3 ways with 3 people.

The best way is to keep a log on the dash of the truck and tell everyone what ever is bought for the group the recipt goes in the book.
- gas
- motel
- food
- ice
- oil
- boat snacks

When the trip is over everyone adds up their colum of expenses.
- John spent $400
- Bill Spent $500
- You spent $600

Total trip was $1,500
Each person's part is $500
- Bill is good on his part.
- John owes you $100
Posted By: ilush

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/13/14 02:41 PM


i live in Helena Montana, never fished for LMB. i would love to be able to go with you.
i will be in your area the last week of January.... not sure about the weekend tho.
i am also looking to go saltwater fishing. preferably in Baffin Bay. Still working on it.

i will be more then happy to take you trout fishing on the Missury or any of the 5 lakes around Helena


Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/06/14 08:33 PM


Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/06/14 08:36 PM

Posted By: bubbaque

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 08/04/14 12:16 AM

I live in Florida and Fish Stickmarsh Lake Toho and Okeechobee, I love to fish Fork in April If you are down this way give a shout, like I said if you fish Fork in April; that would be good for me.
Posted By: HT66

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 09/20/14 03:37 AM

I run a 04 ZX250 I fish Fork but would like some help.. BillM I would really like to fish texoma for smallies!!
48 yrs old work nights available to fish weekends for LMB
Anyone that knows fork I would be happy to fish with ya

Posted By: Jay In Somerville

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 09/30/14 01:36 AM

I live 1 mile from Lake Somerville. I dont have a boat or alot of knowledge about the lake, but I have an extra room in my lil fishing cabin/house for someone, especially if they have a boat. Would also be willing to split expenses on a boat trip. I dont eat fish, so any caught I would let you have. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks!!!!!!!!
Posted By: texguppy

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/14/15 02:58 AM

Not a lot of activity lately. Anyone with a boat local to Lake Arlington, Benbrook or Eagle Mountain? Willing to split costs. I usually fish for eater cats and crappie.
Posted By: Larry Mosby

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 02/26/15 02:43 PM

I usually have a empty back seat since my kids have all grown up. I'm 53, fish mainly for largemouth, some white bass and crappie from timeand catfish on occasion. I have a zx200c skeeter with a 200 merc along with a second boat for back up. I fish the following lakes in East Texas, Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend, Lake Fork are the three big ones. Some smaller local good bass lakes I fish are Naconiche, Murval, Timpson, Nacogdoches, and Pinkston which held the state record at one time. Anyone interested inerested in fishing one of these lakes can give me a ring at 936-488-9407.
Posted By: Metroplexangler

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/02/15 11:34 AM

I live on lake waco but have a place on toledo bend that is 30 min to rayburn . Love fork but open to other lakes as well. Have skeeter fx20 but keep a ranger at my place on toledo
Posted By: brdnckl1

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/13/15 03:57 PM

I live on lake conroe and fish it almost every day. Mainly for bass. I have a 17ft aluminum boat. If anyone is interested in going out shoot me a message on here or text. 936 524 8111
Posted By: Bobby Atchison

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/17/15 11:22 AM

HeY Larry I live in center so I can't be too far from you if you're fishing all those lakes. I just recently got a boat and I would love to go fishing with you and pick your brain about all of these lakes. I've fished my whole life but this is the first time I've owned a boat so I don't feel 100% comfortable fishing alone all of the time.
Posted By: H-TownCrappieMan

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 10/16/15 09:13 PM

You still out there Jay? Have you ever fished the crappie house before it floated away? I fish Somerville and would be interested in getting together. I have a boat.
Posted By: Davidj63

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/12/16 03:27 PM

Ranger I would be interested in fishing with you! let me know if you are interested!
Posted By: TxRanger1

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 05/01/16 11:11 PM

I would like to trade a trip with someone. My home lake is Lake Houston. I know it well and can show you routes to get anywhere and put you on some bass. It isnt a lake that people go out of the way to fish but they do have a lot of tournaments on it and it is starting to produce a lot of 5 to 7 pound fish regularly. I would like to find someone that knows Livingston and the north end of Conroe and could show me how to get around on them and where to catch fish. I am signing up as a boat captain for a local high school and they will fish lake Houston, lake Conroe and Lake Livingston so I need to learn safe boat routes there. I will come as a trail boat as well so that I learn the routes. Any takers let me know.
Posted By: Double Haulin'

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/30/16 03:34 PM

I am near lake Lewisville and Ray Roberts. Just bought a 20 ft bass boat. I'm wanting to learn more about crappie fishing. If you are an experienced crappie fisherman (man or woman) and are willing to share your knowledge, I have the boat and will pay for the gas.
Posted By: CollinCountyCab

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/13/17 11:42 PM

Hogs for fishing. We are headed out to Port A 2nd week of March. Looking to do some fishing. Come on down to the Sulphur Springs, TX area and we can shoot unlimited hogs.


Kevin R
Posted By: fishesintrees

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/20/17 03:40 PM

I'm in Austin, but have a 18' center console, 2 kayaks, and a small RV on San Antonio Bay. Like to load kayaks in the boat, and fish the the back lakes of Matagorda Island for Reds, and Trout with artificials. Looking to do trip swaps with someone, and willing to travel. Prefer Striper/hybrids, but just like to fish. Dream trip is to fly fish Colorado, Montana, Lower Mountain Fork in Okla.

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 07/11/17 07:45 PM

I fish out of Sargent. Nothing fancy 17ft center console. I don't know anything about freshwater but have tried many times.i can usually catch good fish in salt but can't find crappie and I leave about 30 minutes from lake conroe if there's anyone that wants to swap when it's not so hot out.
Or even someone that know how to catch them on conroe I'd pay for your bait /fuel/lunch etc or we could run my boat. I'll still buy you lunch if you teach me about crappie
Posted By: StayingBent

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/10/17 04:24 PM

New to Texas Area. Fished SoCal water for years. Now here and not sure where to start. Anyone looking to a fishing buddy, Any fishing (aka Cattle Boats going out) ?? Currently located in DFW Area ( FW ). Looking for connections to local fishing and great spots and even driving for some Deep Sea Fishing also. Thanks
Posted By: Fullofit

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 11/29/17 05:10 AM

Welcome to the forum. I don't do much fishing in the winter but when it warms up again you could tag along with me when I go to Cedar Creek.
Posted By: StayingBent

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/29/17 05:03 PM

Posted By: Carlos@Coppell

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 01/09/18 02:51 AM

Happy 2018 y'all, one resolution of mine this 2018 is to take the boat to the gulf (17.5 keywest DC), looking to partner with someone who's local & very familiar with any of the bays and know how/where to catch them (trouts, reds, etc), I live in the DFW but would love to make the trip and fish a full day early spring, peace & happy fishing this 2018!
Posted By: Fishinchristian

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 09/14/18 06:42 PM

i'm interested in swapping a trip I have a 2017 skeeter zx250. I live in Brownsboro, TX and mainly fish Athens, Palestine, Fork, Pines. bass and crappie mainly however have been known to resort to catching hybrids and whites on palestine when either i am desperate or they are schooling nearby and/or someone who is with me is cleaning them and wants to catch those nasty suckers.

also i will run trotlines out of my flat bottom boat on occasion

interested in Toledo, Rayburn, brownwood, Whitney, etc..... I like to bass fish so if the lake is good for that i'm interested give me a call 254-315-9150
Posted By: TxRanger1

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/22/19 09:05 PM

I am lookin for a fishing trip trade out. I am looking to fish OH Ivie in your boat in exchange for fishing Naconichie in mine. It is a long haul for me to OH Ivie and would like to fish it. I am thinking one of you guys out there have an interest in fishing Naconichie and don't want to haul a boat that far.
PM me if there is an interest.
Posted By: coach51

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/23/19 01:57 PM

Sent you a pm. TxRanger1
Posted By: Metroplexangler

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 06/20/19 06:23 PM

I have a place on Toledo bend Older ranger boat
Posted By: jpeveto

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 12/21/19 03:00 AM

I fish Toledo and Rayburn. I have 2017 2 bedroom travel trailer on the South End of Toledo for housing and I live about 50 minutes from Rayburn. Boat is 2012 Legend Alpha 199, Ultrex, Dual Talons, dual Garmin Echomap Ultra 102sv, and LIVESCOPE. I would be interested in trading trips to just about any Bass fishing lake in East Texas and maybe East Oklahoma. If you are local and just want to fish but don’t have a boat that’s ok too. I generally fish by myself because my kids have lost interest. Still relatively new to fishing but I try to learn something new every time I go out. Bottom line is I just love fishing and trying to get better. I am 36 years old, married with 2 teenage girls. (I need out!) Message me if you are interested. I am pretty easy going but We will need talk a few times to make sure we are on the same page. fish
Posted By: Jmandel1218

Re: Trip Swapping Thread - 04/08/20 12:59 PM

Interested. I am starting to fish fresh water after years of bay fishing. Its a learning curve for sure! I can swap a trip with you if you want to target trout, red and black drum I know how to put us on fish down there. I have the bay boats, willing to fish my boat in the lake also but not sure if that's the best bass fishing platform. If interested text/call (830)477-7200. I would like to fish choke canyon if possible.
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