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Fishing on Thursdays at Fork

Posted By: Bruce Allen

Fishing on Thursdays at Fork - 11/15/21 02:35 PM

So if you wanted to fish on Thursdays at Lake Fork with or without your boat it is possible because you could join the Lake Fork Anglers BFC made up mostly with seniors.
The fishing is friendly but competitive and fairly inexpensive.
. We fish 50 Thursdays a year. And boaters fish for free as the co-angler will pay his $20 entry fee (which includes the 100% $5.00 lunker fee) instead of giving $20 for gas.
For us it is not about winning a bunch of money. It is about time spent in the boat with another angler learning fishing techniques and baits, enjoying stories and learning spots.
And because we measure, record, and release the fish on the spot we count slot fish as well. We fish two different formats every other week. A 5 fish limit and a MLF style where every fish you catch counts.
E-mail me at sjbasser@gmail.com for info.
Posted By: Curt0407

Re: Fishing on Thursdays at Fork - 11/15/21 10:30 PM

That sound like fun. Where do you guys launch?
Posted By: Bruce Allen

Re: Fishing on Thursdays at Fork - 11/16/21 03:42 AM

We register at the SRA park on SH 154 and then can go to any ramp we want too.
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