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Looking for a ride

Posted By: Tom Z

Looking for a ride - 08/14/21 12:54 AM

I have been in TX since May 2020, after escaping from the Socialist workers Paradise (California). All moved in, home projects completed, ready to fish. I am retired, live in New Braunfels. Don't presently have a boat and have not been fishing yet. I am somewhat experienced as a bass chaser, but not in TX...yet. I favor finesse fishing methods but also happy to throw a Senko when appropriate. Have spent lots of time on bass boats and comfortable flying the back seat. I would prefer to fish weekdays away from the crazies, but right now any ride looks pretty good, weekend or not. PM me if you are looking for a back seater, no problem picking up 1/2 of expenses.
Posted By: Topwater2

Re: Looking for a ride - 08/14/21 02:01 AM

Hey Tom,
I'm retired and I like to fish weekdays as well. Unfortunately my boat boat is back at the factory getting repaired. I'll keep you in mind when I get my boat back, their telling me October right now and its killing me. All of buddies are still in the working class so I always have a back seat open during the week, when I have a boat. LBJ is my favorite lake to fish. Check out our club at SWRIBassbusters, email or president if you have any questions. You just might find an open back seat for a tournament.
Posted By: Mjaye

Re: Looking for a ride - 08/14/21 03:08 AM

I fish Fayette and Somerville. They are about the same drive time from New Braunfels as from my home. If you are interested in these I am game to swap trip and share my back seat.
I am learning these south Texas lakes.PM if interested. Good luck one and all
Posted By: Tom Z

Re: Looking for a ride - 08/14/21 01:15 PM

Thanks Ken, I will check it out. Do keep me in mind when you get your boat back. Would be interested to learn what brand and what went wrong. I have owned Starcraft, a Viper, two Tritons and a BassCat, This is first time in 40-some years I have not owned a boat.
Posted By: Tom Z

Re: Looking for a ride - 08/14/21 01:16 PM

Thanks for the comeback. I am interested if I understand you have a back seat ride available.
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