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Friday Fishing Buddy

Posted By: Nevistar

Friday Fishing Buddy - 03/07/20 12:48 AM

Hi All:

I work at a job where I get every Friday off. I would love to be able to find someone that would like to go fishing about twice a month if not more.

I do have a nice bass boat and can go by myself, but it is more fun with more people so to speak. I am up for Bass, Crappie, and even catfish if that is what you are into.

Live in Weatherford so it would need to be someone on the West side of Fort Worth most likely.

Just PM me if you are interested.

Posted By: Bentman63

Re: Friday Fishing Buddy - 03/10/20 02:43 PM

I wish I was off on Fridays..
Posted By: Nevistar

Re: Friday Fishing Buddy - 03/10/20 04:54 PM


Yeah it is kind of nice being off Fridays. Wife has to work and the kids don't like fishing so just trying to outsource the extra seat so to speak smile
Posted By: Chug-bug-bang1

Re: Friday Fishing Buddy - 03/26/20 02:50 AM

Where do you live and lakes you fish?
Posted By: mbennet

Re: Friday Fishing Buddy - 05/17/20 08:50 PM

im off on fridays to and live close to you. give me a call if you want to go 940 577 5289
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