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Medina 4-11

Posted By: CarlB

Medina 4-11 - 04/11/21 11:01 PM

Had an interesting day at Medina. When I arrived around 7:00 am there was only one other boat launching, when I came back there were people, boats and jetskis all over. As the sun was coming up fish were rising and jumping all over the bay, but they wouldn't hit my lures or a big, gray fly I tried. I started trolling down the bay and finally picked up a small bass. I went over to an area where I caught fish before and picked up another LMB and a decent sized white bass. I saw several orangish carp along one shoreline as well as more bass. I ended up losing 4-6 bass landing only 2 LMB, one white bass and unbelievably caught a catfish while trolling a lure. Any fly fisherman could probably catch a bunch tomorrow morning, some right off the ramp. Not sure if they were LMB or whites but several sounded like they were in the 1 to 2 pound range.

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Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Medina 4-11 - 04/12/21 02:21 AM

Nice post and fish. Good job. thumb

Side Note: Medina also has a BIG Bluegill! cheers
Posted By: Deude_Mann

Re: Medina 4-11 - 04/15/21 04:40 PM

Catfish while trolling?! That's a new one.
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