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Benbrook Lake

Posted By: Burbarry

Benbrook Lake - 08/26/19 06:05 PM

8-24-2019 Bass fishing was at a stand still. Had a couple bites but didn’t get anything in the boat. Looking forward to seeing how others are doing here.
Posted By: JSouther

Re: Benbrook Lake - 08/28/19 11:12 PM

Went out today from 12-2 and caught 17 crappie 3 small lmb and a few sandies. Crappie and lmb on minnows couldn’t get them to bite a jig. Saw sandies surfacing for 10-15 seconds then would go back down. I was to busy catching crappie to chase sandbass. I did cast a few times by the airators and caught a few sandbass on the way back to the ramp. Was a pretty good day.
Posted By: JSouther

Re: Benbrook Lake - 08/29/19 12:12 AM

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Fishcharmer

Re: Benbrook Lake - 09/06/19 01:20 PM

That's the good stuff.. memories and a tasty meal..looks like a mighty proud co-angler..👊
Posted By: Burbarry

Re: Benbrook Lake - 11/10/19 07:31 PM

Tried to go fishing out here. I really wanted to see how much the water was down since boat ramps have been closed. Saying the boat ramps are closed is one thing. But having the whole marina on dry land and having to walk about 50 yards out from edge of boat ramp is a better way to put it. It was pretty sad seeing a lake this low. I tried to fish from shore but no coverage to cast at. I seen a few cat fisherman, I bet that would be the way to go right now. Might need to buy a little paddle canoe to get out to the coverage areas. The picture below is hard to tell but it’s all mud/sand where there should be water.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Hair Jig

Re: Benbrook Lake - 11/11/19 04:23 PM

Well ...... If there is a silver lining to this could it be that after the water comes back up there may be new cover in the form of grass, etc for the fish.
Posted By: JSouther

Re: Benbrook Lake - 11/12/19 01:58 AM

Might try longhorn Park you can walk down to the dam. Water is shallow by the marina even at normal levels. I have been hoping and praying for a downpour so I can take the boat out and jig around the timber by Richardson slew. I bet the crappie are stacked up after this cold snap. If they would stop letting water out we would be able to fish.
Posted By: JSouther

Re: Benbrook Lake - 11/12/19 02:04 AM

When I lived in Benbrook I used to go to city hall and they would sell you a key to Baja beach for 35$. It’s the gate right down from the driving range and you can park right by the water and fish off your tailgate. There are some pretty good drop offs and a little deeper water closer to dam and fishing pier.
Posted By: Burbarry

Re: Benbrook Lake - 11/24/19 10:41 PM

I may need to look into getting a key.
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