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Seeking Responses: Women's Fishing Apparel

Posted By: hslack

Seeking Responses: Women's Fishing Apparel - 09/25/20 06:23 PM

Hi ladies! I am performing a bit of market research about the women's fishing apparel industry, what it might be lacking and what is most important to female consumers.

As a lady angler, I feel that we're severely underserved when it comes to styles, designs and selection for fishing apparel and am wondering if others feel the same. If you have a few minutes (it is only 8 quick questions), I would appreciate your feedback!

Here is the link to the survey:

THANK YOU! smile
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Seeking Responses: Women's Fishing Apparel - 10/25/20 12:13 AM

I’m smiling. When the wife got into tennis, it was all about the tennis outfits. Later, when we were road biking, the outfits had to match the bike. I had to, at her insistence, help her coordinate the bike with her clothing. Now that we are doing a lot of fishing, she isn’t going wild on coordinating clothing with the boat. She has, however, insisted on having the blue reel with the red crappie rod. Oh, well...
Posted By: texasflycaster

Re: Seeking Responses: Women's Fishing Apparel - 07/24/22 08:16 PM

You know ...
there are plenty - A BUNCH - of women's clothing brands in the fly fishing category, and they're actually better than anything you buy at a big box off the rack.
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